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Living in thailand as a mexican
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    Raulsuppachok Guest

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    Well, what can i say about my experience as the first mexican afs exchange student in Thailand... i might introduce myself first.. my name is raul alfonso saenz aburto, i was born in mexico and lived all of my life here since 1984. i come from a middle low class family, i am studying highschool, and i am in love with thai people.
    i know that many farang visit the kingdom all the time, but they miss what is best in thailand. yeah, they go to the tourist places, and they might get to talk to some english speakin thais, and get wrong exagerated answers when they ask about thai customs. yeah thailand is beautiful, but its people is way more beautiful than anything else. its not the famous smile, its something else that u can only live if u get the opportunity of living in a thai family, with mom dad and offspring, and some grandaprents maybe.
    you cannot get to know thai culture just by listening to it or reading about it, or watching it as a third person, u should live it i guess... trying to become a thai (as many exchange students every year have to) is a very very very very difficult task. u have to erase all u know about good manners back in ur country, u have to learn tons of new stuff, having no other choice but doing it. Food, customs, language, adjustin to a new family, weather, people always lookin at you, and 100 things more...
    im so lucky i dont look like a farang they used to call me kaek (indian) which was better than being called as thousend of other foreigners are called....
    i lived in a small village in isaan for 5 months and 5 more months in samutprakan, or paknam, going to bangkok almost daily....
    i want to congratulate all those foreing students in thailand coz i know the effort it requires.... not to all of you guys, only those who are really interested in adjustin to thais and thailand, rotary kids really suck for that, by the way...
    c ya

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    Raulsuppachok Guest

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    thailand is a great country, offering a lot of opportunities to exchange students to learn how thai people live, act, behave, and stuff, it so diffrent from our countries that you will be surprised.... the first cultural shock i had was the way thai teenagers behave. Theyre a model of innocence, a quality widely needed in our horrible western world.
    yeah, its hard to adjust, but thats why i came all the way from mexico to thailand, to get involved in a new way of doing things...
    there are a lot of *students* right now in thailand, giving the thais problems... the thais opened their homes to students who are believed to be mature enough to travel to the kingdom to learn new stuff, but all they do all the time is giving the westerners a bad name, behaving like they were back in their countries... dont u guys know why u are in thailand? being an exchange student is about opening your minds to new things, not to expect to have fun and do the same #### you use to do in ur country. u go to thailand u do as the thais. Or of course, u can stay in Thailand and behave like those Kao San Road-Patpong-Pattaya ignorants.
    As an exchange student, you can make yourself part of the thais, or isolate yourself being a party animal with your other farang rotary friends. thats it.. lets see if i got my pasword for the fonts already....

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    roberto Guest

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    I'm from Mexico too. I lived in Thailand from January to June, 2003. I agree with all you wrote, it's way better to try to mingle with local people than just having other "farangs" as friends. I realized how important it is to learn some Thai and how much respect you gain from local people by doing so.

    You're right, there are many more things to see and do in Thailand, besides Pattaya and those places where you'll only find foreigners. I remember when I was in Phuket seeing Swedish and Danish flags everywhere. I felt I was out of place...

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    Hi Raul and Roberto.
    I'm considered myself as part Thai part Mexican (Spanish/Latin). Maybe not by blood but by married. (Ex) My ex-wife is Mexican her name is Consuelo and her maiden name is Garza. She was born in Houston, Texas some 50 years ago. Eventhough we were divorced but still live together as husband and wife. We have 2 daughters both of them have Thai name Ratana and Suthida. That was an agreement between me and my ex if we have the girl I name them if the boy then she will.
    By being close to Mexican all my life some how I never learn how to speak Spanish niether me nor my kids do. I do love listen to Latin music and enjoy Mexican foods. I went across the border to Mexico several times through my entire 33 years that I live here in the US. When I was young before I got marry I always had Mexican friends either the woman as the girlfriend and the man just simply the friend.
    That all I can share my brief story with you two for today. Maybe some other time if I think of something else.

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    Raulsuppachok Guest
    hello att and roberto!!!

    its very cool to me that two guys that have something to do with mexico and thailand have read my coments... i actually posted coz of the fonts, but anyway i dunno how to get them yet... while in thailand i noticed how thais dont know much about mexico or other latin american countries, so if someone approached to me and said a word in spanish i used to get very happily suprised, the same when i saw anything that had anything to do with mexico, such as flags, food, songs, etc.. im very happy with those thais who were learning spanish coz they wanted to visit latinamerica someday...
    here in mexico everybody asks me why did i choose thailand to go on an exchange program, and i never know what to say, im like ...why do you expected me to choose a ѧ country? i mean there are like 192 countries in our planet, why would i choose any other... ? 硫¨ѧ!!!! they always ask me what am i gonna use thai language for? its a useless language according to them.... i always tell them that it is as useless as swedish, icelandic, russian, italian, danish or any other language in this world, u aint gonna freakin use it unless u are in the country where it is spoken or with ppl from tha country....
    anyway, i prefer speakin thai (pop 60 million of people who will really talk to you) than norwegian (just an example) where only a bunch speak it and they barely talk to strangers.... am i right? sorry with all this, but im kinda fed up with my own ppl... my next step is to take my parents to thailand to see if they like it, if so, we will soon move!!! if we do, i want them to live in isaan, coz bangkok is just as noisy as Mexico City...
    Im very happy that relations among thais and mexicans are improving...
    hey roberto, why did u go to live in thailand? where do u live in mexico? im happy there is someone with common sense like you, i met a couple of mexican girls with nothin but #### in their brains... they talked about thais in the most depictive way... i am from toluca, estado de mexico and i just turned 19
    att, thats cool u married a mexican, when i was living in isaan i heard about a mexican guy married to a thai, and they had kids and stuff... i wanted to visit them but he was teachin spanish and i never found them home...

    do u guys by any chance happen to know how to get the freakin fonts that they promised if u posted here?
    c ya

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    Raulsuppachok Guest
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    rave;à¡ÉÃÂ&Ntilde ;§äÁèä&acut
    e;éÃѺ¨´Ë ÁÒ¢Í&se
    ct;ÃÒÍÙÅà ÅÂ
    ÃÍÍÂÙè&mi ddot;Ø¡ÇÑ&sup
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    e;Áչѡà&At ilde;Õ¹à&Iacut
    e;àÍ¿àÍÊ& agrave;ÅÂáµ&egr
    ave;¡ç·Ó§Ò& sup1;ÂØè§&Aacut
    e;Ò¡ÍÒ¨Ò&Ati lde;Âìà¡&Eacut
    e;à ä´éà»ç&su p1;
    ÍÒ¨ÒÃÂ&igrav e;·Õè»&Atilde
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    rave;¡ big heart àÁ×èÍÊ&Nti lde;»´ÒËì
    ·ÕèáÅé&Cc edil;ÍÒ¨Ò&Atild
    e;Âìà¡ÉÃ&a uml;»àÂÕ&egrav
    e;ÂÁ¹Ñ¡à&Ati lde;Õ¹Á.1/1 ·Ø¡¤¹ ·Ñé§ËÁ&acute ; 26 ¤¹·ÕèÍ&Aci rc;Ùèã¹Ë&
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    uml;´éä»´é&Cc edil; áÅÐà´Õë& Acirc;ǹÕé&Iac
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    e;·ÕèÂÇ·& Otilde;è¡ÃØ&s
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    ¤Ø¡ѹ&Ccedi l;ѹàÊÒ&

    ÊÇÑ´´Õ¨ êÐ ÍÒ¨ÒÃÂ&igrav e;à¡Éà ˹¡ÃÐâ·&ie xcl; áÅÐ à¤é¡

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    januspentium Guest

    Gor Gai

    I have a chance to know some mexicans in college. What I like about them the most are their personalities, their kindness and the fact that they know how to enjoy their lives. In my opinions they are pretty similar to Thais. Of course there are good and bad people everywhere, but I'm glad you've had a great time in Thailand so far.

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    roberto Guest

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    Hey Raul! I guess we must use English at this website or maybe they're just going to ignore us or even worse: delete our comments! I really don't know why I chose to go to Thailand for five months as an exchange student, but I don't regret it at all! I really had a blast there and I didn't know before Thais can be so fun before my stay in Bangkok. Too bad I didn't learn as much Thai as I wanted...that's the disadvantage of having farang friends...

    I got to know some Thai students who coould speak some Spanish words and phrases...that really made me feel good. It was hilarious when they asked me to translate the Ketchup Song for them...they tought it was all in Spanish! I found that Thais are usually eager to help foreigners to learn Thai, that's so nice!

    I wish I could go next year to Thailand and learn Thai. I miss so much Thai food! I can't find some ingredients in Mexico and that's so BAD.

    I can't wait to go back to Thailand, but I must tell you Raul that I preffer living in Bangkok. I guess I like more living in big cities, but still the smaller towns are OK too.

    Chok dee!

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    Raulsuppachok Guest
    hey roberto!
    ive got nampla, but im not sure its the original thai flavor, coz i bought it while in Japan (after Thailand) and i havent used so if u promise to cook a little bit for me , i will happily give it away heheh no te creas!
    i downloaded some thai food recipes, my favorite was absolutely ӻҴء or yam plaa duk foo, but i have no idea how to deep-fry stuff... have u ever eaten it? its extremly good... i was so addicted to it ...

    i have to say that i like big cities too, but not to live there...

    i have to go now, but i ll write again soon
    c ya

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    roberto Guest


    Hola! I got some recipes from the internet but I'm still searching for that of the papaya salad. I really miss Thai food. I found a store in my city where it is possible to buy some Asian-cuisine ingredients and that really made me happy.

    By the way Raul, or anybody else, did you go to any beach in Thailand? I went to some, but mostly touristy beaches. I would like to go to a more secluded one. (And with more Thais that foreigners too)

    One more thing: which route do you usually take when flying to Thailand? Is it by Los Angeles?

    Adios amigos.


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