Hai (Lost)
Sanam Luang

Two years ago, P2Warship were a three-piece band widely known for their hit track “Jhom Yut (Warrior).” This year they’re back as a six-piece and their music is all the stronger for it. Among the new recruits are two new singers — Palkung, who’s also a Hot Wave DJ, and Jump, a Nescafe Music Challenge winner.

Despite the line-up changes, the band is still recognisable for their distinct variety of pop and philosophical lyrics. “Tern Terd Chao Yut (Wake up, Warriors)” is one of the strongest tracks on Hai, with an unusual melody and lyric. Another highlight is “Mao Rak (Love Drunk),” one of the nice slow tracks on the record. “Auk Sorn Sart (Orthography)” is another track with interesting words and ideas.

Hai is full of interesting, attractive tunes that are catchy enough to grab your attention the first time you hear them. — VH

Source: Student Weekly

Hear their songs at http://www.ethaimusic.com/archives/p2.php.