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Thai and thai people
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    I am Laotian orginally from Laos but I grew up here in America. So far my experiences with Thai people has only been one visit there for 1 week and this Message Forum.
    I must say that eevryone on this forum is so mature and well behaved, it doesn't seem like there are any arguments ever, And Everyone is so Helpful.
    And on my visit to Thailand I must say all I received was kindness and respect.
    I hope to not start any arguments now (but maybe this kind of negative talk is prohibited on this forum since I never see any, forgive me if it is), and I hope not to disgrace my own race or offend my current nation. But I must say that the Laotian forums that I find on the web are just disgraceful.
    I mean, we just have people not concerned about respect, Those forums would be chaos without moderators.
    I am not sure if it is because mostly Laotians that grew up here in America, cause we all know how the American Mentaility is. On my Trip to Asia, you can tell when you were on an American Plane vs Asian. On asian Planes they actually take care of you even though you paid caoch fare rates, what I mean by take care of you is, they will get you water to take your medicine. On American Planes, they prefer you choke on it and die.
    But the reason I am writing today is because I have just had enough of Lao / Lao-Americans. Thailand has a thai interface for writing Thai on their computers. Laos does not. I figure no one has developed it yet. Wrong, Two people have developed something close although it isnt exactly what does the job right, but they were both people not of Lao Orgin or Nationality. SO I took on the Job of Developing it, and I try to get people interested in what I am trying to do, and explain the importance of it for LAOS, and I just get bad additudes, ridicule, or just signs of lack of interests or laziness. And what I get from Lao people straight form the Home country, they have this additude etched in stone that things will never change, why bother, " Mai Pen Rai". They Don't understand it is up to them to make the changes if they want to see it happen. It just gets me so frustrated. Dont get me wrong I found a couple people who are for it, but have other obligations. But for the most part. I am ready to give up and just learn Thai and trade in my Nationality. any feedback would be great.

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    oudie Did you know that 3 or 4 years ago there was very little on the Thai language in the internet, or at least very hard to find.

    You have an idea and ability. There are quite a number of konLao in the USA and there will be people who will try to find their roots. What you can do is set the stage on this internet world. Do you think Bill Gates or anyone else with an idea gave up because of others mocking their idea?
    I say follow thru!!!
    There will always be people trying to hold others down. What comes about if you are successful is a whole other attitude.

    We do disagree in this forum;but I think we handle ourselves pretty well .

    As far as trading in our nationalities, some will,others won't.
    I come here because it is a site with loads of information on pasa Thai and Thai culture as it is something I want to learn. I guess it is "my thing: 55555
    Good luck with your idea. Hope to see you here often. Maybe even share with everyone Lao culture.

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    Dear Oudie,

    It's great that you did some work on the Lao script. The internet is still a young phenomenum. When I was a kid, we didn't have it. So be patient, there still is a lot of work to do, especially for Laos. I was born in Isaan, I can understand Laos because that was what my parents spoke at home. I am still discovering how it has strongly influenced me even if most of the time I use English and Thai. I recently found a website with the lyrics for a lullaby ("Dear Moon") I remember that my mother sang this lullaby to me. When I had my own baby, I wanted to sing it but couldn't find the words and the melody. I was struck dumfounded with joy and wonder to find it on the internet and then to learn that its origin was actually Laos. Don't loose heart with your people and keep trying to network. (Some Thais I've known can be just as resistant to change as the Laotians you've described.) The wonder of the internet is that you don't have to be restricted by your physical location in networking. Good luck and have fun finding friends and supporters!

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