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Looking for the rest of Isaan
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    Looking for the rest of Isaan

    The Guidebook has been up for a little less than two months now and there have been some really great posts. Thanks!!!

    Because the intent of the Isaan Guidebook is more towards Events, Travel, and Attractions and less towards Cultural Uniqueness, I will need to direct more of my time towards the initial intent.

    To keep the flavor of the Forum as rich and diversified as the Foods of Isaan I would like to encourage each of you to find small parts of Isaan to share with the Forum. Whether the origin is Khmer, Laos, Thai, or somewhere else; if it is in Isaan, then it has a need to be mentioned.

    Feel free to write about any aspects of Isaan but persons with knowledge of the Thai-Laos and Khorat areas seem to be in great need; any efforts would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Looking for the rest of Isaan

    Well said and great invitation and call to action! I for one (no matter how the stories we have had thus far relate) have appreciated your posts thus far pclev. I hope this does not mean they are ending. I think the rest of what you have said above is a key point to the confusion that has been present within this forum. If it occurs in the Isaan region it certainly is part of the Isaan culture, hence to some extent could indeed belong in the Isaan forum.

    That is not to discredit or not to acknowledge the fact that some things are based from, have their roots elsewhere or do not occur elsewhere. In fact, if you know the roots of a particular custom please feel free to reply on the matter. We do appreciate accuracy, and are not ignoring cultural heritage and roots.

    Not to bring up a tender discussion, but the thread on keeping your head low, is indeed a matter that relates to much of SE Asia and not solely the Isaan region. However it is more noticeable throughout the Isaan region than it is in say BKK or Phuket, in that sense I do feel it relates. Foremost most posts that are in this grey area are posted based on someone's experiences and their own comparison of the Isaan culture to that of the what they have seen elsewhere in Thailand - not just elsewhere in the world.

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