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Song 894 - "dterm mai-koie dtem" by Chin
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    Song 894 - "dterm mai-koie dtem" by Chin

    "dterm mai-koie dtem"
    Թ Թز Chin Chinawut

    [ame=""]YouTube - Chin-Term Mai Kuey Tem MV เติมไม่เคยเต็ม[/ame]

    ѹѧ ѹ˧֡ ֡ .. ˵
    gôr mâi-róo man bpen yang-ngai man ngăo léuk léuk nai jai mâi-mee .. săa-hèt
    I also don't know what is it, that I'm lonely deep in my heart, without .. reasons.

    ͡仾 褹ҡ ѧ ..
    òk-bpai póp bpai jer à-rai táng-táng têe kon mâak-maai gôr yang .. wàn-wăi
    Went out to see, went to find whatever, although there're many people, I'm still.. perturbed.

    * Ҥӵͺ .. ä觷Ҵ
    * gôr dâai dtàe hăa kam-dtòp .. à-rai keu sìng têe kàat-hăai
    I can but only search for an answer .. what is it that I'm missing?

    ѹ͹ ֡ѧ˧ ˧ ...
    têe tam-hâi chăn mĕuan kon dterm mâi-koie dtem róo-sèuk yang ngăo ngăo ...
    That made me to be like a person that's never complete, feeling still lonely...

    ** ѹѹշ ͡Ѻ
    ** dtàe nai wan-née tan-tee têe jè têe jer gàp ter
    ** But today, as soon as I met, as I met you,

    ͺӶ㨷ءҧ ·
    gôr dtòp kam-tăam kaa-jai tóok-yàang dâai-loie táng jai
    It answered all the questions and doubts, definitely and whole-heartedly.

    ͤ ͹ ѹҴ ...
    gôr keu kon née keu ter nêe-làe têe man kàat-hăai ...
    And it's this person, it's you, that's it, that I'm missing ...

    ѹ ѹ ҹҹ
    têe chăn kón têe chăn hăa maa-naan
    That I'd searched for, that I'd looked for, for a long time;

    ѹ ѹѹ ...
    têe chăn pér têe chăn făn keu ter ...
    That I'm crazy for, that I dreamt of, it's you ...

    ͡仾 ҷ ѧ .. ˧
    òk bpai póp bpai jer krai krai bpai hăa à-rai maa tam gôr yang .. ngăo-jai
    Went out to see, to meet anyone, to find whatever to do, I would still be.. lonesome.

    仴˹ѧ蹡 ѹѧ ..
    bpai doo năng bpai lên gee-laa dtàe róo-wâa man gôr yang mâi-châi .. yòo dee
    Went to see a movie, to play sports, but I knew that it would still won't be .. be good.

    ( *, **)
    ( sám *, **)

    prór ter tâo-nán têe jà dterm
    Because it's only you, who'll be able to fulfill,

    觷ѹҴó ...
    sìng têe man kàat hăai hâi sŏm-boon ...
    The things that I'm missing, to make me complete...

    ( **)
    ( sám **)
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    Re: Song 894 - "dterm mai-koie dtem" by Chin

    imma cry. (i always get so emotional, you'll have to excuse me)

    i really appreciate you doing that for us all!
    i LOVE this song. although it's a little bit older,
    it never gets tooo old.
    and that husky voice... heehhehhee.

    i love you!!!
    If You Can't Say &quot;I'LL DIE IF I DON'T DO IT&quot; Then You Shouldn't Do It.....


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