Da Endorphine
Sound About
GMM Grammy

Sound About is the fourth album from Da Endorphine. The first single from the record, “Dai Yin Mai (Can You Hear Me)” is already doing well on the charts. It’s a good rock ballad with a nice melody to showcase Da’s unique and powerful voice — a voice that fans can always recognise.

This album doesn’t just contain love songs. Tracks like “Wan Mai (New Day)” and “Che Wit Nee Sun Ja Tai (Life is Short)” feature thoughtful lyrics that give hope to listeners. Both of those songs have a good rhythm to complement the sentiments of the words.

The music on Sound About has a softer feel compared with her previous records. The album features more ballads and slow tempo songs, but Da still keeps up her usual high quality and style. She’s definitely still unique enough to keep her place as one of the most popular female rockers in Thailand. — VH

Source: Student Weekly

Listen to Dai Yin Mai, her first single from the album at http://www.ethaimusic.com/lyrics5/949.html.