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Noppadon: Govt won't tolerate activists' movement
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    Noppadon: Govt won't tolerate activists' movement

    Noppadon: Govt won't tolerate activists' movement

    Foreign Minister Noppadon Pattama said Saturday that the government would take drastic action against movements by activist groups because their actions would tarnish Thailand's image in the eyes of the international community.

    Speaking to journalists, Mr. Noppadon, former legal adviser to ousted prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, said he was concerned about the government's attempts to improve the country's image after the activist group, the People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD), had renewed its activities during the past two weeks.

    The PAD's movements could send wrong signals to foreign countries that Thailand's political stability was still not secure, and this could deter foreigners from investing in the country, he said.

    "The (Samak) government won't allow these bullying people to stay above the law and it also won't allow anyone from slowing down the democratic system from making headway," Mr Noppadon said, noting that some leading members of the PAD were also members of the House of Representatives attached to a major political party.

    He urged the unnamed party to disclose its political stance.

    Mr Noppadon said the activists could still hold rally, which is allowed by the constitution, but they cannot threaten or use force against the government or otherwise violate the law.

    The government will not allow this to happen, he emphasised in warning.

    He said Mr Thaksin is still living in Thailand and would prefer privacy while engaged in the court cases filed against him.

    Mr Noppadon said he telephoned the former prime minister Friday but that the latter did not ask him anything about Thailand's political developments.

    Bangkok Post

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    Re: Noppadon: Govt won't tolerate activists' movement

    what is that party doing that the foreign minister doesnt like?
    i know that their goal was to topple Thaksin, but what is the issue now?

    i love thai politics!!!
    i dont know much, but heck i love learning about it.

    thanks Khun Don.
    love love the articles you share!
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