By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb
Student Weekly
March 10th, 2008

With their colourful hairstyles, good looks and smooth moves, Nice 2 Meet U definitely have what it takes to be a successful Thai boy band. The guys picked up plenty of young and dedicated fans in the kingdom with their self-titled debut album last year.

Those fans are getting excited again now that the four young popsters — Jarupong Kluaymai-Ngarm (Jack), 21, Tana Limpayaraya (Chain), 20, Pongthon Wanakiatikul (Tae), 20, and Kawin Imanotae (Panjan), 21 — have released their second record, Nice 2 Meet U More. Their new single “Khon Duea Dueng (Tenacious Man)” is already topping the charts.

The new album presents the guys in more mature light. For the publicity shots, they’ve traded their Japanese-style school uniforms for dark, stylish outfits. They also got more involved with making the new album and videos, offering solid singing, deeper lyrics and powerful dance routines.

“We participated in this album more than the first one,” Jack said. “We told the producer how we wanted to pitch the notes and suggested instruments for the songs. Tae also wrote a rap lyric.”


The band’s songs still deal mainly with puppy love, but Nice 2 Meet U More is an album that presents things from a more grown-up point of view.

“The songs on the first album were about high school romance, but Nice 2 Meet U More offers a university students’ point of view of girls,” Panjan said.

Their new outfits also emphasise the fact that that the guys aren’t a high school band anymore.

“Each member has a stylish outfit to suit their character,” Chain said. “Panjan wears skinny jeans decorated with flowers to make him look sweet, while Tae dresses in streetware with hoods to match his hip-hop style.”

Though the guys are happy with their new grown-up image, some of the changes took time to adjust to.

“I’m not normally a flashy dresser,” Chain said. “It took me a while to get used to my light brown hair, but I was OK after our fan club said they liked it.”


It’s always stressful following up a successful first record, and the guys felt a bit of pressure while making their second album.

“We were worried about the second album because our debut went so well,” Tae said. “We wanted to improve on the first one.”

For the band, the title Nice 2 Meet U More implied that they had to deliver more than what the first album offered.

“We felt that there had to be more of everything, and we feel a lot of pressure to improve,” Panjan said. “We worked harder, practised our dance routines more seriously and worked to enhance our singing technique.”

With so much work and pressure, each band member went through periods of feeling down, but the guys were able to support each other.

“When one of us feels depressed, the rest of us let him take some time off to chill out,” Chain said.


Apart from the support and friendship that the guys provide for each other, the love from their dedicated fans is always sure to cheer them up.

“Sometimes we feel tired, but we’re full of energy whenever we step up on the stage to meet our fans,” Tae said. “The feeling onstage is overwhelming, and we forget everything.”

The strength of their fanbase always inspires the guys to do their best.

“Some of our fans follow us everywhere,” Chain said. “They even wait for us when we’re shooting videos until 3 am, so we have to keep up the good work.”


With so many similar looking and sounding boy bands around, the guys of Nice 2 Meet U say they’ve found a way to stand out from the crowd.

“We show our actual personalities, and our personal lives are reflected in the music,” Chain said. “Nice 2 Meet U is just four guys with different styles. What you see in the media is what we’re really like.”

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