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With a more adult image, Lao-Loam present their third album, Try. This record sees them getting more deeply involved in the production, and you can hear the development of their musical skills. The music here is a little harder — they mix more rock with their usual pop sound.

The first single, “Kvam Pa Ya Yam You Tee Nai (Are You Trying),” is a medium-paced, modern rock song that mixes in some Britpop sounds. “Lalla Girl” clearly presents Lao-Loam’s signature style with a quirky pop beat.

The songs on this album are all about love. The language is quite straightforward, so there’s no change in the lyrics.

Despite a slightly harder, more mature sound, Lao-Loam stick to their style for people who love good pop-rock sounds. — VH

Source: Student Weekly

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