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Yongyuth in the dock
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    Yongyuth in the dock

    Yongyuth in the dock
    The Supreme Court decided on Thursday to hear the vote-buying charges against House Speaker Yongyuth Tiyapairat - a case which could shake the entire government.

    The court's criminal section for political office holders ordered Mr Yongyuth to pick up an official notice of the charges, but did not immediately set a trial date.

    "The court has decided to hear the case and will send a letter to Yongyut Tiyapairat and (his sister) La-ong Tiyapairat to come and pick up a copy of the charges within seven days," a Supreme Court statement said.

    Ms La-ong is also a defendant in the poll fraud case.

    The Election Commission (EC) alleges that they committed fraud by paying and influencing village officials during the campaign leading up to the election last Dec 23.

    Mr Yongyuth, 47, was instrumental in building support for ex-premier Thaksin Shinwatra in rural areas, particularly among poor farmers.

    Mr Yongyuth suspended himself from duty after the EC recommended his disqualification for allegedly buying the votes in his native Chiang Rai province.

    Mr Yongyuth has filed a police complaint against the election commissioners in return.

    If the court finds him guilty, Mr Yongyuth could lose his political rights for five years, as well as his parliamentary seat.

    A guilty verdict could also lead to a legal process for the dissolution of the People Power party (PPP). He was a deputy party leader at the time of the alleged offence.

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    Re: Yongyuth in the dock

    Funny. I thought I read on Bangkok Post yesterday the main Police investigator in charge of Mr Yongyuth's case had already been posted to the South, Yala?

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