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    want to by me a bicycle

    i would like to buy me a bicycle in thailand. i use to stay in samui and will leave it with friends until i come back every year.
    what is the price for a bicycle?
    where in samui can i buy my cycle?

    i would be very glad if anyone had answers to my questions.
    What is a good price for a used motorbike?


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    Re: want to by me a bicycle

    Hi Marianne,
    Depends what you want really.... I've just come back from Samui myself and saw several serviceable - (though far from new) cycles for around 1,500 baht. You say you have friends there already so they are probably best placed to help you.
    If you are looking for a motorbike I would recommend Ohm cycles, situated about 5km south of Tesco Lotus on the main island ring road. tel 077-230701
    What you have to pay will again depend on what you want - a cheap old second hand stepthru will probably start from about 10-15,000. As usual be prepared to haggle for a better deal and have a good look around the shop - I hired a 900 Kawasaki custom for 6 days for only 3500 - they started off trying to hire me a Harley for 3500 a day...
    Good luck and safe riding!

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