Wimaya Nattakan Sound and Light Show
Nakhon Ratchasima

Where: Phimai Historical Park

When: This event occurs Monthly on the last Saturday of the Month.
Scheduled dates incluce: 26 APR 2008, 31 May 2008, 28 Jun 2008, 26 Jul 2008, 30 Aug 2008, 27 Sep 2008, 25 Oct 2008, 29 Nov 2008, 27 Dec 2008, 31 Jan 2009, 28 Feb 2009, 28 Mar 2009, 25 Apr 2009

This sound and light show in the Phimai Historical Park reflects on the past glory of ancient Phimai and the Khmer empire.
The first half of the performance features choreographic creations inspired by the bas-relief of the Phimai Sanctuary itself. The short, impressionistic scenes depicted include Buddhist religious processions, the ancient ritual dance of the boxers, and the Phimaipura or Vimayapura dance. Folk and traditional dances such as the Bai Sri Su Kwan dance, Manohra Len Nam dance, the Dung Krok and Dung Sak mortar and pestle dances are featured in the second half of the presentation.
Has anybody seen the Sound and Light Show at Phimai Park. If so, what did you think about it?