By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Pop trio reveals their dark side

Many female artists dress in skimpy outfits to attract an audience. But pop trio Faye Fang Kaew — Pompdwee Neerasingh (Faye), 15, Dhanantorn Neerasingh (Fang), 16 and Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul (Kaew), 15 — finds fans with their upbeat and quirky personalities.

Their catchy songs help, too, and their latest album Miz U 2 is full of them. It includes the smash hits “Miz Call Miz U” and “Kham Tam My Question?”

On Miz U 2, the girls enhance the casual K-pop look they had on their debut album, Faye Fang Kaew.

When Student Weekly recently sat down to chat with the trio, sisters Faye and Fang interrupted each other a lot, while Kaew was all smiles. The girls were cheerful and full of energy as they told us about their music and revealed their dark sides.

Student Weekly: Why did you call your album Miz U 2?

Kaew: We took a break last year after our first album was released. Our fans kept asking when our next album would be out, so we knew that they missed us. We wanted to tell them that we missed them, too.

Student Weekly: It must have taken a lot of work to get your dance routines together. Did you ever feel like skipping rehearsals?

Kaew: Yes. We had to practise four to five hours a day, five days a week. It was exhausting. I tried to skip a practice by telling Mom that I had a headache, but she forced me to get up and go.

Faye: Sometimes we worked late, so I felt tired and sleepy the next day. But once I got up, I wanted to keep practising.

Student Weekly: Who came up with your current look?

Faye: I told our stylist that we wanted to dress the same way, but with our individual personalities shining through.

Fang’s style is very girly, while Kaew’s is a bit masculine. Mine is somewhere in between.

Fang: After we spent some time with our style team, they found that we aren’t as naive as we look. We have our dark sides, so we got some dark outfits.

Student Weekly: Tell us about your dark sides.

Faye: Fang’s personality is the opposite of her sweet appearance. If she doesn’t get what she wants by asking nicely, she uses her power to get it.

Fang: When Kaew gets upset, we can see it in her face. She ignores everybody as if she’s alone. Faye likes to complain a lot. Sometimes she acts as if her life’s a tragedy, saying really melodramatic things.

Student Weekly: Kaew, you have a tomboy image. Do you have many male fans?

Kaew: A lot of guys prefer Faye or Fang because they’re more girly. I don’t mind having more female than male fans, as long as people like me.

Student Weekly: How do you respond to fans posting their problems on your website?

Fang: When we receive questions from our fans, we brainstorm with each other, then consult with an adult in our team on how we should answer.

We don’t want to send the wrong message or hurt anybody’s feelings.

Student Weekly: Your song “Kham Tam My Question?” is about a girl who has a crush on her friend. What’s your advice for somebody in that situation?

Kaew: I recommend that she speak up. It’s not good to keep feelings like that to yourself.

Faye: If they have to be apart, I would recommend that she share her feelings.

On the other hand, if they’re really close, it might be better to keep her feelings to herself until she finds out how he feels about her.

Fang: I think that the guy should be the one to express his feelings first.

Student Weekly: What are your future plans?

Faye: Fang and I would like to run a bakery shop together. Kaew will design the shop interior, and we’ll have a stage for our live performances.

Source: Student Weekly

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