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Someone to correspond with
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    tylerhen Guest
    Im going to Thailand in June. Ive been wanting to go for 3 years. I have two weeks.
    I was wondering if somebody would correspond with me by email to help me figure out the best way to spend my time there.
    I am thinking of staying a couple days in Bangkok, then flying down to Phuket and spending the rest of the time in the south.
    I want to stay away from crowded touristy spots, but see beautiful beaches, villages, caves, etc...

    If somebody could please email me at it would be greatly appreciated. I have so many questions.


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    so happy!

    WOW YOU'RE GOING TO THAILAND IN JUNE? All I have to say is PREPARE FOR THE WEATHER. Be sure to bring like some raining clothes just in case it rains and stuff. But it's humid!! Very humid. Bring a lot of summer clothes. I would say it might be as hot as Texas, Florida, etc.

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    Feel free to post your questions here. That way you are more likely to find a better answer to your questions.

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    tylerhen Guest
    Here are a few questions.

    We are thinking of staying in the south because we only have 2 weeks.

    Is the coast or the gulf side more beautiful?
    I hear it rains a lot between may and october on the coast.

    Is it easy to get a flight out of Bangkok to Phuket?

    Is it easy to say, rent a boat and guide for the day to take you around to the local attractions? (waterfalls, caves, beaches, islands, etc..)

    What are some good villages, beaches, temples, islands, waterfalls in the south to go to?
    Im not really interested in crowded touristy places.

    And last, is 2 weeks long enough to see a lot in the south? I have no idea how easy it is to get around.

    thanks a lot!!!

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    tylerhen Guest

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    mel Guest
    if you are that far down south at phuket then you would be mad not to check out the krabi province. From krabi town you can catch a long tail to West Rai Leh & Ton Sai. The cliffs are amazing down there and if you are into climbing there is nowhere better. From there you can also pop over to Ko Phi Phi, absolutely gorgeous although I am not too sure of what the weather is like in June as I have only ever been there dec-april.

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    mel Guest
    i forgot to mention that you can fly straight from Bangkok to Krabi airport there are flights daily. A good base is in Ao Nang which is not too far from the airport but I would suggest getting a long tail over to Ton Sai it is much cheaper to stay there and all the day trips are just as avaliable from there as they are Ao Nang.
    I'm so jealous, wish I was going back to Thailand in June, not too long for you now.....

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    Linh Guest
    I'm a student in vietnam. I've been to bangkok and will be back soon. And I love to do business with bangkok. I'm interested in silk neck ties sold in Patunam area.
    Last time i bought some ties with the price 60baht for each and next time i will buy 1000 units or more.I want to have a shop in vietnam to sell thai silk neck ties.I saw some vendors in the street and i wonder where they can buy goods for their shops? I want to buy some products like that but buy from the place the vendors there buy to get the cheapest price. Any one can help me? I only speak some English and try to learning thai now. I hope I will able to find out the place to buy silk neck ties. Any one can tell me? Thank u alot

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