Hi-Thaksin.net to shut down

Pro-Thaksin Hi-Thaksin.net website has announced that it will shut itself down early Wednesday to avoid causing more trouble to former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra.

Its columnist, Pradab, said the site would shut down in 48 hours after his latest article was published.

At 2:50 pm, a countdown bar in Pradab's article said the site would shut down in one day, 15 hours and 7 minutes.

Pradab said in the article that the site decided to pull its own plug because there were attempts to frame the site by saying that it was part of an alleged movement to insult the highest institution, "which is highly revered by all Thais".

"There were also attempts to link [former] prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to the allegations, by saying he provided financial support and was behind the operation of this website, but it is not true," the article writes.

"We have no political goal at all when we launched our website because we are ordinary people, not politicians. We opened this website only as a communication channel to inform the people, who love and have faith in Thaksin, of his latest movements. We also function as a centre to gather moral support for Thaksin during his exile.

"But we faced various allegations, like allegations that we have stirred up undercurrents, we have tried to destabilise the military and we are a national treat. We were also accused of insulting and violating the Privy Council president. In the latest move, the Hi-Thaksin.net was accused of being a websie with political goal and being a political tool of Thaksin and the People Power party although we have never received any financial support from Thaksin and People Power.

Pradab said his group initially planned to wait until after charter amendments are complete before it would cease its operations.

"But we have to change our mind and cease our operations before the initial schedule because of the plea of the one we love," Pradab said in the article.

He said Thaksin did not make the plea by himself but the website team could sense that Thaksin was in trouble when he was liked to the Hi-Thaksin.net by the opponents.

"For the sake of his peace of mind and his safety, we are ready to do this for him," Pradab said.

He said the site would shut down after 1 year and 1 month of its operations.

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