A repeat of 1992 uprising possible if charter amended : ex-charter writer
By The Nation

A group of 15 former charter writers on Tuesday issued a statement opposing the charter rewrite on grounds that violence could erupt if the government insisted on constitutional changes for its self serving gains.

"A referendum should be held in order to ask the people whether they agree with having the charter amended," former charter writer Seri Suwanpanont said.

The charter writers were responsible for framing the 2007 Constitution.

They called for coalition partners, including Chart Thai Party leader Banharn Silapaarcha and Puea Pandin Party leader Suwit Khunkitti, to distance themselves from the People Power Party's attempted push for constitutional changes.

They warned that the coalition could face a repeat of bloodshed like the 1992 Bloody May if failing to heed the public sentiment.

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