PPP delays the naming of the House speaker to next week due to infighting

The People Power Party has delayed its nomination of a new House speaker to next week and designated the party executive board to draw conclusion after various factions could not form a consensus, Wadah faction member Areepen Uttarasin said on Wednesday.

Areephen said the nomination should reflect the party quotas, hence allowing MPs from each region to have a say in the matter.

He said former speaker Yongyuth Tiyapairat, who had resigned, came from the Northern region, Yongyuth's fellow MPs from that region should have a chance to name the successor, he added.

PPP deputy leader Sompong Amornwiwat said the party executives would complete the nomination process without a predetermined decision as speculated.

Top contenders for the position include MP Chai Chidchob who is the father of banned party executive Newin Chidchob and Deputy House Speaker Somsak Kiartsuranont.

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