Peachy pair
Hot new duo talk to 'Student Weekly' in an in-person, face-to-face, we really talked to them not just their PR agent on email interview

Student Weekly, Story by Suwitcha Chaiyong

If you have never heard the song "Warn (Begging)," it means you must live without a radio, TV and even avoid shopping or having meals in places that play records. "Warn" is a big hit single from a new duo that call themselves The Peach Band and is played many times each day on all types of media.

The duo, Wiriyapa Chansuwong (Nui) and Ragpon Ragkanam (Peach), said they didn't expect "Warn" would become a hit.

But now that it is, Peach said the huge success of the song is related to its perfect balance of melodies from modern music like R&B and classical Thai music. "Whether listeners like old- or new-styled music, they can enjoy 'Warn' easily," Peach said.

Perfect pair
Just as their songs mix two different things well, Nui and Peach are perfect together as a duo. Nui writes the band's lyrics and vocals, while Peach is the music producer.

Although the two were strangers before, music brought them together. The two met at Gen X Academy. Nui took a lyrics producing where she was the only woman, and Peach was the assistant instructor. "I created three songs for students to use to write their own lyrics. Nui picked a song that nobody else in class chose and that made me notice her," Peach said.

That song became their first demo, "Thong Rathee (Nightlife)." The response to the song was so fast that the duo didn't have much time to think of a band name. "I left that demo at a radio station," Nui recalled. "When they called me and asked for the name of our band, I just said, The Peach Band."

Working with strangers always causes some problems, and these two are no different. Nui and Peach admitted that they have had some arguments. "It is normal. If there is no argument, it means you aren't sincere with each other. Arguments show that we are both concerned about our work," Nui said.

From strangers they became co-workers, and now the two are friends. They joke that Nui is the brother while Peach is the sister. "I am more sensitive than Nui," Peach said. "She is cheerful and optimistic."

Nui laughed and said, "In the same situation when his tears were falling, I was laughing."

Indie album?
After their four demos -"Thong Rathee," "Let's," "Kept Rak (Save Your Love)" and "Freedom" - were played on radio stations, Black Sheep Records contacted them. "They had a project called Black Album. It was an album that collected 10 new songs from 10 new artists. We created the song, "Sak Kuen (One Night)" and listeners started to know that we worked for a music company."

Black Album was promoted as an indie album, but working under a music label probably has less freedom from working on their own demos.

So is Peach Band still an indie artist? "Actually, I don't want to talk about being indie or not," Peach said seriously. "I don't care about it. If indie means we can work independently without any pressure, we are an indie. Some people think that indie songs are limited to a small group. When an indie song becomes popular, they are against that song. I've heard it myself that my song isn't indie. They think an indie song shouldn't be well known."

While their songs are so popular, Peach and Nui seem to be less well known than their own work. They even hide their faces in their music video. Why?

The Peach Band laughed and joked that it was probably an indie album concept. While Peach admits that not many people recognize him, Nui said she still can't get used to the spotlight. "Today, I got off a bus with puffy hair and an oily face," Nui said. "I felt people talking to each other and looking at me. I felt like I did something wrong."

Try it
"Warn" has had a warm welcome from listeners because of its pop music style. Other songs on The Peach Band mix pop with funk, house, ballads and disco, and the duo feel confident in their work and ask listeners to give them try. "I'm not going to say that The Peach Band is the best album of the year, but it is an album that only two people made by ourselves," Peach said. "Other songs aren't similar to "Warn," but keep an open mind and fresh perceptive. This album is good."

Nui agreed. "It is interesting. Give it a try yourself."