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Mobile Broadband Internet in Thailand
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    Mobile Broadband Internet in Thailand

    Some friends recently bought the Hutch MBI package for connecting to the Internet. Their house still doesn't have a phone number so this is the only thing they can do to connect to the internet. The advantage, of course, is that they can use it anywhere in the county. Ideal if you want to be traveling with your laptop and surf the internet.

    They have a number of different packages. Some of which might be of interest to people who travel often to Thailand with their laptop. The main package is 999 baht per month for unlimited. They advertise maximum speeds of 153 Kbps.

    Other packages are pre-paid which would be of interest to people coming here for a two week holiday or longer. You can buy 1 day, 3 day, 7 day or 30 day top-ups. So, if you come back again later in the year, you could just top it up.

    There doesn't seem to be a package that gives you a certain amount of time which is what I would prefer. If I buy the 7 day one then I would have to finish using it within 7 days from when I started. However, if there was say a 100 hour package, then I could keep using this for as many weeks and months as I like until the hours run out.

    This does interest me as I really want to start blogging from the tourist attractions instead of waiting to come back. It is true that I have been using my mobile phone up to now to post reports on the forums, but speeds are not that good. I am going to test my friends account with my laptop to see what it is like. Then I think I will just buy the modem and then the 1 day top-ups which are only 40 baht. So, if I go away for two days then i would just top up twice.

    I will let you know later how it works out. If anyone else is using mobile internet in Thailand then please post your experiences. I know wireless internet is becoming more popular but it isn't widespread yet.

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    Re: Mobile Broadband Internet in Thailand

    not widespread as in, the northeastern part? =/ I worry about these stuff sometimes really.

    จุดแรกคือการพบ จุดจบคือการจาก..
    มีรักต้องพราก มีจากต้องมีเจอ..

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    Re: Mobile Broadband Internet in Thailand

    been in thailand using the device similiar with what they advertise using AIS sim care surfing thru GSM. i heard it's not that great. from my experience, AIS provide me speed which i still manage to accept, but i saw in another thread that they going to launch HSDPA. with HSDPA, i believe the internet will be very much faster than the rest for sure.
    just my two cents worth of view from my field of working experience in teleco...

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