Have you all seen the documentary Kiss My Snake? I randomly found it in my Netflix queue. It says it was released in the US in 2007, but I am not sure how old it is (if it was released a longer while ago in Thailand??)

Very interesting... focused on a village 30 minutes from Khon Kaen city. It's also good language practice because the documentary 'loosely' translates the thai dialogue and it's fun to spot the errors.

(courtesy IMDB) This is the story of a little village in Thailand with a very dangerous tradition. In this strange little village, the world's most dangerous serpent, the King Cobra, has become both a pet and a business partner of a deadly cottage industry. The entire village-from elders to children-works as one and performs relentlessly at their temple to attract tourists and herb buyers. The main attraction is the boxing matches, man versus snake, one on one! Bites are commonplace, but unbelievably the village has no anti-serum to combat the deadly toxins and the nearest hospital is over an hour away by car. Tom Tavee, the filmmaker, was able to obtain incredible access into the lives of the fighters and has succeeded in accurately and dramatically documenting this dangerous performance-sport of snake-boxing, the art of theatrically antagonizing the largest venomous snakes in the world. Some of the boxers have been bitten dozens of times, but despite losing fingers and friends, the boxers love their snakes and their perilous profession.