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Koh Chang
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Thread: Koh Chang

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    Koh Chang

    I have been in thailand last summer for a few weeks and we have been to koh toa for a few day. In thailand didn't hear anything of koh Chang, but last month i read an artikel about koh chang.

    Can anybody tell me what kind of people go there, and if it is worth a visit (I enjoyed Koh Toa very much)


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    I have been to Koh Chang. Is is quiet hilly and not too developped. Many thai tourists. Warning: this island, unlike the rest of Thailand, is a high risk malaria zone. Be sure to take the appropriate precautions and to avoid any bungalow next to a pound (like the last one on the dead end of the road driving around the island). I got about 200 bites in 1 night!!

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    yokemay Guest

    so happy!

    hello there,

    yes, Koh Chang is a very beautiful island and less commercialised too.

    The hilly mountains make this place more unique and it's a challenge for those who are driving their own vehicles.

    so, have fun in Koh Chang and tell us about your experience after you come back!


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    (When reading this, keep in mind: my hometown is right on the beach, so seeing white sandy beaches is no big deal for me.)

    My experience in Koh Chang was not so great. I did not find the local Thai people to be too friendly. I wish I could honestly say that I had a great time, but that wouldn't be true. The only point in which I wasn't bored out of my mind was when I took the scariest Sorngtaew ride of my life. Those little pick-up trucks fly at a million miles an hour though those mountainous roads. I personally don't feel any need to journey back there anytime soon.
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    So sorry to hear of your unfavourable trip to Koh Chang. But a million thanks for your feedback on your time there. I absolutely hate mosquitoes! So I'll definitely not be going there anytime soon after reading this review. Maybe in future when it gets just a little more developed.

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