蹵 (ҹҹҹҹҹ) 蹵
Yah yah len dtua (na na na na na na) Yah yah len dtua
Dont dont play hard to get, dont dont play hard to get

* 蹵 (ҹҹҹҹҹ) 蹵
Yah yah len dtua (na na na na na na) Yah yah len dtua oy
Don't, don't play hard to get, don't, don't play hard to get, oh!

㨩ѹѹ ͤԴ֧
Oy mai roo tummai jai chun mun pur, pur kit teung dtae tur, tur roo mai
Oy, I dont know why my heart is crazy, crazy thinking about you, do you realize?
ͤԴѧ ͹ѹ ҡâͧ
Laeo tur kit yungngai, ja pben meuan gun mai, doo ahgahn kong tur gor mai koey bao
And what do you think, will it be the same? Watching your signals isnt helping

** ʺ ѹ ͷ ʹ
Sop dtah chun gor por roo, dtae doo tur tum pben gek, mai son jai
Caught my eye and thats when I knew, but I see you acting nonchalant, uninterested

*** 蹵 蹵 ҡͪͺ ͧ
Oh Oh Oh, Oh, yah len dtua, yah yah len dtua, hahk tur chop sure mai dtong ror
If you like me, surely there's no need to wait!
蹵 ҡǩѹѺͧ Դͧͤ
Oh oh oh, Oh, Yah len dtua, yah yah glua chun rup rong, pbert jai hai jong kae tur kon diao
Dont be afraid, Im friendly, I'll open my heart for your reservation only.

Girl I wanna say I'm falling in love, falling so in love with you na
ԴԤԴ ҷչҪ Ǩ ͧ´
Kit si, kit dee dee, nahtee nee yah chah, diao ja sia welah, hai dtong sia dai
Think, really consider it, dont dilly-dally, waiting will waste time, youll regret it!

(**, ***)

(***, ***, *)