Bomb left at PAD leader's Phayao house

Note warns man to stay out of politics

By Yuttapong Kumnodnae, Saiarun Pinaduang & Cheewin Sattha

Abomb was left at the house of a People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) leader in Phayao on Friday night, while government supporters lodged a police complaint against the PAD in Udon Thani yesterday.

In Chiang Mai, the hometown of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the anti-PAD rally was a disappointment yesterday with only 50 supporters turning up.

A bomb was found inside the house of Yongyuth Saisungnern in Muang district in Phayao on Saturday morning. Mr Yongyuth was not home as he had gone with about 30 PAD supporters to join the rally in Bangkok on Thursday.

His wife, Anong, told police that on Friday about 11pm she heard a dog barking as a car passed the house and something was tossed inside.

The next morning she found a package sealed with duct tape near the front stairs. She opened it and found a bomb inside. She alerted police.

Inside the package was also a note telling Mr Yongyuth to cease his role in the PAD.

Mr Yongyuth, who was still at the rally in Bangkok yesterday, said the bomber was not trying to kill him. It was only a threat as the box contained a note inside. He was scheduled to return home today.

Provincial police chief Pol Maj-Gen Prasai Sangkasap said the bomb may have been a threat or a ploy to create a situation. The note was signed by an anti-PAD group.

This kind of incident had never happened in the province before, he said.

A dozen police officers were deployed yesterday to guard Mr Yongyuth's house and his family.

In the northeastern province of Udon Thani yesterday, PPP MPs and members of the Rak Udon group took to a stage outside City Hall to condemn the PAD and support the government.

About 400 supporters turned up. After three hours of speeches, Mongkol Sriprasert and 20 others went to file a complaint with police against Sondhi Limthongkul and other PAD leaders.

They accused the PAD leaders of the joint use of force to overthrow the legislative and administrative authority, which is unconstitutional and is not an honest expression of opinions or comments.

They claimed the PAD leaders used force in order to change the law or the government and to create unrest, intending to make people violate the law and insult the monarchy.

Only 50 supporters joined the anti-PAD rally in Chiang Mai yesterday with former United Front of Democracy against Dictatorship leader Surachai sae Dan calling on the PAD to stop its rallies, which he said were damaging the country.

After three hours and a small crowd, the rally near the Tha Phae gate was wrapped up about 8pm.

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