By Tatat Bunnag, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Pop duo has fun in wonderland

With their unique formula of light-hearted pop melodies and glossy love ballads, Four-Mod have won a special place in the hearts of Thai teens. Since their debut in 2005, the pop duo ó 22-year-old Sakonrat Woraurai (Four) and 17-year-old Chutimon Chairat (Mod) ó have been radio favourites who always stand out from the pack.

After the success of last yearís album, Wooo!, the girls took a temporary break from music to pursue other activities. Four launched her acting career in the film Dream Team last April, and October will see the release of Modís new comedy movie, co-starring heartthrob Film Rattapoom.

The airwaves are ready for the return of the spunky twosome. Their amusement park-themed fourth album, Four Mod in Wonderland, is a new soundtrack to the lives of delirious young popsters.

Student Weekly recently chatted with the pair about their new album, their four years of friendship and their lives in and out of Four Mod.

STUDENT WEEKLY: What does your wonderland look like?

Four: Itís a magical, dreamlike place, full of colours and boxes of presents. Itís a bit like Disneyland.

Mod: Yes. With huge pieces of cake, too!

STUDENT WEEKLY: What can we expect from the new album?

Four: It has touches of disco, electro and Ď80s sounds.

Most of the lyrics are about love and relationships, but in a really positive way. There are no painful heartbreak songs or anything like that.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Your costumes hav always been eye-catching. What are the latest ones like?

Four: Just like in our new videos, our look has a really cute and girly fusion of styles. My dress is like a puffy skirt that a fairytale princess would wear.

Mod: My outfit is a vest and short denim jeans. I also have high-heeled boots, almost like cowboy boots, but cuter.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Many girls change their image to be more mature and sexy after a few albums. Do you plan to stick with the innocent, girly look?

Four: Weíve never thought of being sexy singers. Everybody knows our style. Weíre just like ordinary girls, but with a few cute gimmicks added.

Mod: Weíre definitely more grown up now, but that shows in our singing ability and stage performance rather than our fashion style.

STUDENT WEEKLY: How is your relationship now after four years and four albums together?

Four: Even though Iím older, weíre like sisters or close friends. Sometimes we donít have to talk at all, and we can still understand each other.

Mod: Weíre not together that much when weíre not working, but we call each other every day.

STUDENT WEEKLY: What do you like to do in your spare time?

Mod: When Iím at home, I like just being with my family and hanging out in my room. I also like to chat with friends on the Internet.

Four: I like shopping and going to the movies. I can watch any type of film ó except for scary ghost movies!

ē Did you know ē
Four has a pet dog named Money.

Source: Student Weekly

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