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Is it safe to go?
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    Is it safe to go?

    hi, I wanna take a vacation to thailand, but heard lots of story that people there will cheat me, is it true?-

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    Don't feel threatened by runours, as a Westerner I feel more threatened in many other places in the world. My trips there have been great, and as long as you keep your wits about you and use common sense, you'll be fine. Worse scams in Rome to Mexico.
    Most Thais are very friendly and traveling is easy. Learn some Thai, enjoy the culture, eat some of the greatest street food and get lost on the incredible beaches too! Check out the Full Moon Party & explore Ko Pha Ngan, go diving at Ko Tao, go trekking in Chiang Mai, there's a lot to soak in.

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    Pattie Guest
    Hey, thanks for the comment.

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    Pattie Guest
    Anyone that has been to thailand, where do you recommend to be a good place to go shoping? I heard that they have a good mall area but, don't know where to go.

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    Alex Klongtan Guest

    Gor Gai

    It depends on what you want to buy!! Tell us more on what you would like to buy...

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