õԴ¡͢ õԴ¡͢
Whos addicted to drugs? Raise your hands, c'mon
õԴ¡͢ оѡ
Who's addicted to drugs? Raise your hands, we'll guide you through

* ù ٴù ҧѹ
What are you huffing? What are you smoking? Do you know its bad?
ҡѭ Һҷӫ价ͧ
Whether its pot or hallucinogens, dont go experimenting.
дù дٴù ҧѹ
Whatever you huff, whatever you smoke, do you know its bad?
ͫ E ѹͧ
No matter if its meth or extacy, its not good, dont try it.

͹ѹǹ ͹ѹ͡ ͧԴ͡
Peer pressure, a friend says Try it just once, its not addicting at all.
If we're to believe this, they say we'd end up in drug rehab
ҴըԧҤ١ ǨԧҤ
If hes really good, he might abide the law, if hes really cool, he might agree to selling
ٴԺ ѧ¶Ҩԡѧѹ
Once you smoke, theres only disaster, its still not too late, if youll give it up, you can beat it.
㹪Եաҧѹ 駴 駡 ԡ蹡ѹ
In life, theres many things to enjoy, all the music and sports, lay off drugs and come play
͹ѧҧѹⴹѺ ͧ任Сѹ
If approached, dont believe it, dont listen, forget it. Forget getting high, no need to guarantee.

( *)

ʾԴѹվ ١ҹҧ
Drugs will harm you! You want kids, grandkids, then stay clear of them!
Dont get addicted, just work, dont have time to get interested.
people happen to go get addicted like a gullible fool,
ʾ¤¡Դء 觡Ѻѹء
People take it and die, people sell it and end up in prison, If you get involved with drugs, youll only have misery
What Im saying is true, I cant joke about this
Get high too much, you can end up in convulsions

ʾԴ ¡ѹժͧ
Not careless, not gentle, drugs dont show at first, Help look out for eachother, dont let anything slip through
êǹͧ ͧ ա§ just say no
Anyone tries to get you to do drugs,you dont have to do it, avoid it easily by "Just say no!"

( *)

Ҩԡ ҡӼԴ
I hope I will get you to stop, dont want to break the law
ͧҹͧ ŧᴧѹ
Make your parents sit and cry, cant stand the suffering, cant stand it.
ԡѹ պԡ͹ѹ
Know that quitting isnt easy, so hurry, stop before its too late.
ҡ˹з ѡԺ ѡԺ
However hard, you can do it! Cold turkey? Cold turkey?
Raise your hands! Whoevers addicted to drugs.
¡͢ ¡͢ ٴѭ
Raise your hands! Whoever smokes pot
¡͢ ¡͢ ˹Դ
Raise your hands! Whoevers addicted to drugs
¡͢ ¡͢ оѡ
Raise your hands! Well guide you through

This time we must get you to quit, If you dont quit, youll certainly die.
Defeat this addiction, its good at first, but when you get old, itll be bad some day.
Go where they understand eachother, if they wont let you go, youre forced to fight
ԡʾԴ·շǡѹԡ鹵ͧ ...
Give up drugs altogether, if you dont quit, youll certainly die!

How's that for an anti-drug song?