Just want to share more Buddha Bless na I love my boys~~

The only person in my heart, nobodys as good as you
Ѻѹѹѧ Դ֧ͷءӤ׹
Dreaming, I still talk in my sleep thinking of you each night
Inside I secretly wish
Ҥիѡѹ ͹鹤Դ͹ѹ
That someday you might feel the same
I wont let myself think one-sidedly

We could probably meet every day
In life its possible to find love 100,000 times
Spend my life flirting with women all day
ʹءآ ѹѺ Play Boy
Enjoying the job of a play boy

Then my life reached a changing point
ǹ¹ ...
When you popped up
¹Եѹѹ ͹
Changing my life into something different
¤ԴԧѧѺ ͧ¹龺
I never seriously thought that anyone could change my mind when I met you
͹ ͷөѹ¹
We hardly ever met, because you made me change

* ҡѺ ֧֡㨡
I just want you to know the feelings in my heart, thats all
ͤͤ (ʹҹ)
You are the person Ive been waiting for (such a long time)
Ҩͧҹʹҹ Ѻѡͧ
Though it might have to be even longer, however long for love I must wait
· ( )
But I wont give up (in my heart)
ѹ͡آ ء ͢ҧ
If I have you, Im happy. Every time I have you at my side
ءѹͧѹ礧ʴ (HeY! Oh!)
My every day is cheerful
ʴ蹷ءѹ ҡ˹ͷءѹ
Im ecstatic each time youre near me, If I saw your face every day
Id be happy beyond words.

I have so many emotions I want to tell you
But when I see your face, I get choked up
Im not sure how to tell you
So you can understand these feelings inside
ѹ ֡ ѡ ʹѹٺմ
My heart is pumping, "teuk-tak," blood rushing
֡ ѡ ֡ ѡ ͹Ѻ͹Ҵմ
Keuk-kak keuk-kak like a horses gait
Its like this whenever Im near you
Ill never be with anyone else, never ever

The more I was alone with you
觹غҡ ҫء
I sat still and quiet, not brave enough to try anything
I really wanted to get you to do something naughty

But I couldnt do it, I just gave up, gave up, gave up!