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Cool quintet
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Thread: Cool quintet

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    Cool quintet

    C-Quint lead the way
    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Hot new boy band C-Quint have faced their fair share of criticism since releasing their hit single, ďTor Hai Lok Yood Moon (If the World Stops Spinning).Ē In particular, theyíve been accused of imitating the songs and outfits of Korean group Dong Bang Shin Gi.

    The five former models and actors that comprise C-Quint ó Jira Danbawornkiat (Fluke), 23, Veerachai Leelahathorn (Bank), 23, Pit Karchai (Pitt), 21, Nimit Manatpon (Yoshi), 21, and Nuttapol Weeraanantawat (Best), 19 ó cut through the criticism by releasing more smash hits, like the popular ballad ďNa Mai Eye (Embarrassing)

    Student Weekly recently caught up with C-Quint to chat about their beginnings, their style and their self-titled debut EP.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you guys get to know one another?

    Fluke: Yoshi is the friendliest person in the band. He always starts conversations, so he got us all talking. We became close friends during our voice training sessions together.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Did you guys always plan to be singers?

    Yoshi: Yes. I was a singer in the CU band at university. I never dreamed of releasing an album. I feel very fortunate to be part of C-Quint.

    Pitt: I love singing. Iíve taken singing classes since I was young.

    Bank: In junior high school I saw a gig that inspired me to sing on stage. I also like to dance.

    Fluke: Iíve always enjoyed performing in public. I felt so good when students at school complimented my performances.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Yoshi, is singing with a boy band much different to singing solo with the CU band?

    Yoshi: Itís more difficult because all the parts need to be synchronised. We have to rehearse a lot to make it smooth.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Bank, is it true that youíre interested in martial arts?

    Bank: Yes. I got bullied when I was a kid, so I learned martial arts for self-defense. Friends taught me Thai boxing, taekwondo and Brazilian jujitsu.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Best, do you still like to play sports?

    Best: I was a school athlete. I started with football, and now I also bowl and play basketball, golf and squash. Playing sports helped me to gain physical strength. When we practise our dance routines, the other guys always feel exhausted before me!

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Fluke, is it true that youíre a natural-born leader?

    Fluke: Iíve always been a leader. At school I was the student president. I learned how to be responsible and how to deal with people.

    An underclassman once told me that I was his idol and that he wanted to be like me. That made me so happy.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How do you feel about teenagers copying your behaviour?

    Pitt: Itís OK. Being a singer means that you have an influence on young people. We want to set a good example for adolescents.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What do you think about people saying that you imitate Dong Bang Shin Gi?

    Fluke: Our band is unique. We have great dance routines and strong teamwork. We donít intend to be like any other group.

    Pitt: People think that our clothes are similar to Dong Bang Shin Gi, but we dress like this to stand out from our label-mates K-OTIC and Nice 2 Meet U. They wear brightly coloured outfits, while our image and dark clothes are more mature.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you think that your group can beat the Korean boy bands?

    Pitt: We canít judge for ourselves. Let the audience decide.

    Before we released our album, we practised dancing and singing almost every day for more than two years. Come and see us perform. Then you can judge for yourselves.

    ē Did you know ē
    The name C-Quint comes from a combination of the words characteristic and quintet.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Cool quintet

    Okay, I have seen them perform
    And I"m sorry. I'm sorry but I have to comment
    They're really not all that great. The fact that they can dance reallyyyy well is about the only thing they really have going for them. Otherwise they have very untrained singing voices, they lipsynced live, and were sooooo increadibly cheesy winking at the crowd and such, it was like wowww, groups actually do that?

    Yet they have the loudest, wildest, screaming fanclub ever. it's crazy. Each one of them either had multiple gifts for them or signs twice as big as their own bodies, it was insane o_O

    Maybe I'm just getting too old to keep up with all the young'uns now haha, too wild for me.

    Pitt, the one with the belly button ring, is currently dating Four from Four-Mod

    Edit: I've done several reviews for them on my website here if anyone else wants to take a look~
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    Re: Cool quintet

    tahmnong and i saw them perform. true.

    i personally think they are the best thai dance group so far.
    i mean, the others, they dance, but i think c-quint has been the most sync.

    they are all so tall too, so... that's a plus.

    i would love to support them. i have their album too.
    i know it's hard to have to compete with other music,
    so, i think these boys are doing their best.

    they impress me more than any other thai boy band, so....
    they get my points.

    gooooo c-quint!!!

    thanks Yeows.
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