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When is the best time to visit?
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    i've been wanting to go to Thailand for the longest time.. but i haven't been able to get time off. now that i'm graduating.. i'm looking to take some time and travel.

    what time of the year would be best to travel to Thailand? and where should i visit?

    i guess i should tell say that i want to visit at least one Wat and go shopping.. eat lots of ethnic food.. and ride an elephant.

    i'm sure that i'll be going to Tak to visit some relatives, but not for too long. and we'll also be going to the mountainous regions to participate in the Hmong new years (if we visit during that time)

    so.. hit me with your best suggestions.


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    mid-September to late October = rain

    The tourist season doesn't run from November to February for no reason. Personally, I'm from a hot and humid area, so the hot season in Thailand is nothing new to me.
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    Thailand is great all year round. Just avoid the monsoon season.

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