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Slot Machine delve deeper
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    Slot Machine delve deeper

    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Slot Machine stand out from other mainstream rockers with their Brit-rock inspired sound, pensive lyrics and soulful singing. Their second album, Mutation, received high praise from critics. It won best album in the 2006 Season Awards and rock album of the year in the 2007 Seed Awards.

    The four guys — singer Sarit Homhoul (First), 23, guitarist Janevit Chanpanyawong (Vit), 24, bassist Atirath Pintong (Kak), 23, and drummer Settharat Phangchunan (Auto), 24 — recently worked with renowned Canadian producer Scott Moffat for their third album, Grey. This time around, their songs delve deeply into the good and bad sides of life.

    The guys unleashed the first hit single from the album, the meaningful song “Fun (Dream).” That track was followed up by the catchy rock ballad “Hak Chan Tai (If I Die).”

    Student Weekly recently caught up with Slot Machine to chat about Grey, their thoughtful lyrics and their distinctive fashion sense.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Why did some of you guys decide to study subjects not related to music?

    Kak: I studied economics because it’s a subject that relates to every career. I always calculate my income from my work with Slot Machine.

    First: I haven’t studied for a diploma, but I want to study interior design. I know people in that field, and I want to do that kind of work in the future.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you become interested in rock music?

    Vit: We listen to different kinds of music, but we can express ourselves directly from the heart with rock.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Did you guys change the way you work after winning awards for your last album?

    Vit: Not at all. We worked on Mutation without expecting to win any awards. We don’t think about things like that when we’re recording.

    We just tried to make Grey even better than Mutation.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: First, why is your singing style softer now than it was on Mutation?

    First: When Mutation came out, we played loads of gigs, and I started having serious problems with my vocal chords. I went to a specialist for therapy, and I had to learn how to sing without doing damage.

    Also, my singing on Grey is softer because the music isn’t as raw as it was on Mutation. It’s brighter and more beautiful.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Have you ever wanted to work with a Thai producer?

    First: We can work with any producer if we click with them. We like Scott Moffatt because we speak the same language.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What’s the song “Dream” about?

    First: Many people would love to experience enlightenment like Buddha so that they can stop suffering. It’s just a dream because everybody still has lots of needs and desires.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Have any of you guys ever had a recurring dream?

    Kak: Yes. I’ve already graduated from university, but I often still dream that I have an exam coming up. It’s a very intense dream, so when I wake up, I’m always glad to know that there’s no exam!

    STUDENT WEEKLY: First, what inspired the song “If I Die”?

    First: I always think about death and life after death. Everybody wants to have people they love surrounding them on their last day.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you live as if every day is your last?

    First: No, I live my life ordinarily. Thinking about death just reminds me to accept the truth about life.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you guys pay a lot of attention to your outfits?

    First: Music and fashion are both forms of artistic expression. We like clothes that are neat but wild — outfits that suit our sound.

    • Did you know •
    Auto majored in violin at Srinakharinwirot University.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Slot Machine delve deeper

    P'Kak still dreams about exams!!!
    i know how that feels!!!

    i can really say with all my heart and soul that i LOVE LOVE LOVE SM.
    they are totally one of the best performing thai rock band that i've seen.
    the first time was so impressive, it took away all doubts i had.

    even the album is a blast. it's sooo worth it! own it! don't download it!
    it's sooo worth it. and it's not even squared! it's like... octagonish. hahaha

    i really do LOVE Slot Machine. i hope the best for them.

    what do you call their fans?
    Slot Machiners? i unno. just curious.

    If You Can't Say "I'LL DIE IF I DON'T DO IT" Then You Shouldn't Do It.....


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