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Rap attack
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Thread: Rap attack

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    Rap attack

    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Waii gets crazy

    Last year, Panyarisa Thienprasiddhi (Waii) was known as a baby rapper. The 15-year-old hip hopper was introduced to listeners with Lipz Project, a compilation album featuring tracks by female artists on the Kamikaze label.

    With her new solo EP, K.C.Y., Waii has shed the baby-rap tag and is set to become a hip-hop star. K.C.Y. features the hit dance single “Yom Hai Jap Na (Let Me Catch You),” with guest vocalist Poppy K-OTIC and the ballad “Tham Mai Trong Khamtob (He Has Never Asked the Right Question).”

    Waii looks more grown up these days with her sexy t-shirts and make-up. She recently told Student Weekly about making her solo EP and her life in the limelight.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: We heard that the title K.C.Y. means “Crazy Waii.” Are you really crazy?

    Waii: I’m crazy about music, and I went to extremes for this album.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

    Waii: I gained six kilos in few months after I started working at Kamikaze. I was practising a lot of dance routines, and when I went home, I ate a lot. I assumed that I’d already burned my calories in the dance class.

    I lost two kilos before releasing this album. I weigh 46 kilos now.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Is it true that you developed your own singing style?

    Waii: Yes, I prefer to develop my own vocal parts. I also like to improvise on the slow tracks.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Did your producer, Ae Narongsak, give you any advice?

    Waii: At first I put too much energy into the fast tracks, so the producer told me to relax a bit. For the sad ballad, he had to help me get into a gloomy mood.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Was “Tham Mai Trong Khamtob” written from your own experience?

    Waii: No, but I’m happy to sing that song. It will hit teenagers’ hearts because it’s about a girl who has crush on her best friend.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What do you think about school romance?

    Waii: There’s nothing wrong with it, but teens need to know how to manage their time. They should focus on study and homework instead of talking on the phone all the time.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: “Tham Mai Trong Khamtob” is similar to “Touch My Body” by Mariah Carey. Is she your inspiration?

    Waii: Yes. I love her songs. I always listen to Mariah’s music and practise her singing style. She has a high-pitched voice, so singing her songs is a challenge for me.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you feel with the comments you received about “Yom Hai Jap Na” not being appropriate?

    Waii: Some people in my fan club said that the lyrics talk about letting a guy touch my body. They misunderstood because the song actually says that I let a guy catch my heart. It’s about feelings, not physical contact.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Why did you pick Poppy over the other guys in K-OTIC to feature on your song?

    Waii: Tomo, Kenta and Jongbae have a J-pop and K-pop style, and Koen is too tough. Poppy has a lot of potential, and he can sing hip-hop very well.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: You used to get upset because you didn’t have enough time to hang out with your friends. How do you deal with that now?

    Waii: I got used to it. I reconsidered the situation and realised that there are lots of people who’d love to have the opportunities that I have.

    I always dreamed about being a singer, so I intend to do my best.

    • Did you know •
    Waii is a cousin of celebrity Whan Pawarisa.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Rap attack

    saw her live once.
    she is really cute pretty.
    but as a younger singer, she does have room to grow.
    im sure she'll become better and better with time.

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