Thai rockers improve with age

Rock of Ages
GMM Grammy

Rock of Ages is the sixth album from Clash. Like their third album, Brainstorm, Rock of Ages was recorded in Australia.

This album emphasises more complex and detailed music than the band’s previous releases. The usual love ballads that Clash specialise in are here, but it’s the fast tracks that create the most interest. The lyrics on the faster songs tend to look at deeper issues like social problems rather than love.

The first single “Kwam Shong Jum Krang Sood Tai (The Last Memorial)” is already a big hit, and the album doesn’t disappoint.

Overall, Rock of Ages is stronger both musically and lyrically than their previous albums. It shows that Clash have learned from their years of experience.

Clash are obviously a tight unit with a strong sense of discipline, so it’s not surprising that Rock of Ages is another success for them. — VH

Source: Student Weekly

[I]Two other singles form their album are rak eng cham eng and chee-wit mai mee hua jai.