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Buddha Bless are back with bite
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    Buddha Bless are back with bite

    By Tatat Bunnag, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Multi-coloured hip-hoppers Buddha Bless took Thailand by storm with their first album, Red Light Green Light, a couple of years ago.

    Released on Joey Boy’s Gancore Club label, the album broke new ground by introducing dancehall reggae music to the Bangkok scene.

    Pretty soon, Buddha Bless were a constant fixture on the radio and selling out concerts all over the kingdom. They won a slew of awards in 2006, including the Seed and Fat Awards, the Season Award for artist of the year and the Kom-Chad-Luek Award for best album of the year.

    When Joey Boy and Gancore Club left Grammy earlier this year, Buddha Bless stayed with GMM. The group spent almost a year in the studio producing their energetic new album Gad Mans Du (Bite Fun Furious).

    Student Weekly recently caught up with the colourful trio — 27-year-old Kittipong Khamsat (M), 29-year-old Natee Ekwijit (Oui) and 32-year-old Suranan Chumtarathorn (Tong) — to talk about their attitudes and Gad Mans Du.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you guys come up with the title Gad Mans Du — does it have anything to do with Kathmandu in Nepal?

    M: No, not at all. [Laughs]. We just thought it sounded catchy and funny.

    OUI: It’s like our band name — a lot of people think that it sounds like Budapest!

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Your album profile contains the advice “have fun, but be sensible.” What do you mean by that?

    OUI: Besides making fun dance music, we want to give something worthwhile to the audience. If I could go back and change anything on our first record, I’d add more messages to the songs.

    We want to write songs that have thoughtful lyrics and moral lessons.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Why did you release your new album with Grammy rather than Gancore Club?

    OUI: Grammy gave us the freedom to make the record we wanted to make.

    Gancore Club is basically Joey Boy, and it was more like a family than a label. When Joey Boy left Grammy, we felt that Gancore Club should stay with him. We’re still good friends and like a family anyway.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Many of your lyrics have moral and religious messages. Do you guys consider yourselves to be religious?

    OUI: Not really, but I always try to do good things and live my life to the limit. I used to drink and smoke, but I don’t anymore, and I feel great.

    I couldn’t tell young people that these things are bad if I was still doing them.

    M: Sometimes we perform in pubs or bars because it’s part of our job. We only go there as entertainers, and we never encouraged anybody to drink or take drugs.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What helps you guys to stand out from other artists and win so many awards?

    OUI: I think what makes Buddha Bless stand out is the contrast between our crazy image and the good morals of our music. [Laughs.]

    TONG: Yes, it’s a strong contrast!

    • Did you know •
    Bodyslam’s song “Kwam-Chuar (Belief)” inspired Oui to keep working on Gad Mans Du when he felt like giving up.

    Source: Student Weekly

    Check out the songs dook-dik and bpak dta-krai from their latest album Gad Mans Du (Bite Fun Furious).

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    Re: Buddha Bless are back with bite

    Buddha Bless are the best of the best of the best, they really are.
    My favorite group, I spent all of July following them from concert to concert. The boys are sooooooooooooo nice and sooooooo kind and best of all sooooooooooooo down to earth and genuine. They always are themselves, and if themselves are crazy, take it or leave it! haha. And they always put 100% of their effort into every performance, you can see it. They are, tied with Lipta, the best live performance I have ever seen.

    I know they put a lottt of effort into this new album, and it is absolutely awesome!!! I'd reccommend it to anyone! And the VCD comes out this Tuesday! Can't wait!

    ...Gaotong is 32?!?!?! Eeeeeeep! ahahahahahahah Wow I was kind of off ahaha I had no idea he was the oldest. 13 years isn't too bad of an age difference for a relationship..right?

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    Re: Buddha Bless are back with bite

    SO TRUE.
    these boys are the best!!!

    if you have not seen BB perform, you have not seen anything yet!!!

    and i totally agree with Tahmnong, they and Lipta are totally the funniest group to see perform.
    there will be no regrets here regardless your music perference.

    they are sooo nice and soooo approachable, these boys are just awesome.

    i wish them the best because they deserve it.
    they perform full out EVERY time and it's always the best.


    THANKS Yeows.
    If You Can't Say "I'LL DIE IF I DON'T DO IT" Then You Shouldn't Do It.....


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