Poll: People want coalition parties to withdraw from govt

(BangkokPost.com) - More than half of people questioned in a recent poll conducted by Assumption University wanted the coalition parties to withdraw from the government as a way to show that that the government takes responsibility for the Oct 7 clashes between police and People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) demonstrators.

About 51.2% of respondents want the coalition parties to withdraw from the government while 33.5% want the government to be responsible for all the lives that have been killed or injured in the clashes. Some 30.1% said the best way out is for the government to resign or to dissolve the parliament. Another 25.5% want legal actions against those who ordered the crackdown on protesters. Only 11.1% said there is no need for the government to show any responsibility for the clashes.

On solution to the political turmoil, about 78.9% of respondents have faith in judicial system in order to punish the ones who ordered the crackdown. About 72.2% want a neutral person to be a new premier and want to see a transparent election. Some 63.4% want to have a national government while 62.5% want to see new politics. Another 61.5% said new election is the way out to political deadlock while 57.5% said rewriting the constitution should end turmoil.

More than half of the respondents, or 52.9%, expressed doubts with the government's stance in the dispersal of the protesters last week. About 66.7% of them also said they are stressed about politics.

The survey assessed opinions of 5,598 eligible voters in 18 provinces from Saturday to Thursday.