PPP executives might vacate House seats
By The Nation

The executives of the People Power Party might soon vacate their House seats in order to pave way for their party-list candidates to become MPs in order to retain the majority rule following the anticipated party dissolution.

This is a tactics to lead the coalition government even if the PPP was disbanded, secretary general to the prime minister Choosak Sirinin said on Wednesday.

Choosak has been designated by the PPP to lead its defence for the party dissolution case.

Should the party be punished by disbandment and its executives banned from the electoral process for five years, the party's MPs who are not on the executive board will be allow to switch the party banner within 60 days to retain House seats, he said.

The early shuffling of MPs who are concurrently party executives to those without executive positions will shield the PPP's new banner from losing the leadership in the coalition alliance, he said.

In regard to the court battle on the party dissolution case, he said the PPP will file its defence writ within the 15-day deadline since it already had almost a year to brace for the litigation.

He said he did not anticipate that the PPP's fate might not be a repeat of what had befallen the Thai Rak Thai Party.

The judicial review for party dissolution last year was based on the junta order prescribing for the mandatory ban of every party executive following the disbandment, he said.

But the 2007 Constitution prescribes a leeway for the Constitution Court to exercise its judicial discretion to punish just those executives linked to the electoral fraud, he said.

He voiced optimism that most PPP executives might escape punishment since they had no involvement in the fraud committed by former executive Yongyuth Tiyapairat who was already penalised by the Supreme Court.