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Heart to beat
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Thread: Heart to beat

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    Heart to beat

    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Aof scores solo success

    Pongsak Rattanapong (Aof) is upbeat and friendly in the flesh, but hes famous for singing heartbreaking ballads that can bring tears to your eyes.

    After joining his friends for the smash hit album Peck Aof Ice: Together, the 23-year-old singer returned to his own music with his latest album, This Is Aof.

    Aof recently dropped by the Student Weekly office, surprising us with his early-morning punctuality. He told us about his new album and his personality, in and out of the spotlight.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What were you like when you were younger?

    Aof: I was a cheerful kid, and I usually got good grades at school.

    My friends and I decided to skip school on the very first day. I was caught by a truant officer! [Laughs.] Mom had to go to the school, and I was beaten with a belt when we got home.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Did your attitude about singing change after you got famous?

    Aof: Yes. I used to think that it was an easy job, but its actually very tiring. There are lots of things to deal with, like criticism and competition.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How do you deal with the competition?

    Aof: I dont really compete with anybody. I just set my own goals and try to do my best.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How about criticism?

    Aof: I like to read comments on the Internet. Sometimes negative comments make me feel stressed and depressed, but they also help me to improve.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: You always seem to be in a good mood. Why do you like singing sad songs?

    Aof: Im a pretty serious person. When I started working in showbiz, my life became more complicated. I had to deal with lots of people who had different points of view.

    But I can also be upbeat and vibrant. This Is Aof has some positive songs, too.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Are you more serious when youre alone?

    Aof: I rarely express my negative emotions in public. Five months ago, my mother had surgery because of cancer. I was miserable, but I kept my private life separate from my professional career.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Have you ever had a broken heart?

    Aof: Often. I cry a lot for a few days, but my sad feelings usually disappear after a month or so.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you get lyrist Nim Seefah to work with you?

    Aof: Nim said that she appreciates the effort I put into my work. She thinks that my ability has no limits, and that I can give her whatever she wants in a song.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: You have a song called A Thousand Reasons. Are you a reasonable or emotional person?

    Aof: Emotional. I work with my feelings. I have to feel good about something to put all of my effort into it.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Thee Soong [Peak] is an encouraging song did anything in particular inspire it?

    Aof: Eight years ago, I was partially paralysed, and I couldnt walk. Im normally very energetic, so I felt disheartened staying still. I decided to commit suicide.

    I was ready to jump off a balcony, but I started thinking about my family and all the people who care for me. So I didnt jump.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What would you say to somebody who is thinking about suicide?

    Aof: Theres always a way out of any problem. If you cant find a solution, just stay calm and try to think about your different options.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: You have a song called My Weakness Is My Heart. What is your biggest weakness?

    Aof: My family. When I was in junior high school, a friend teased my sister about having big breasts. That made me furious, and I punched him. Now that Ive grown up, I can see that it was a compliment. [Laughs.]

    Anyway, my friend never teased my sister again!

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What was your gig in Tokyo like?

    Aof: I performed at the Thai Festival in Tokyo with other Grammy artists. There was a large audience. A Japanese policeman spoke Thai to me and said that he sings my songs at karaoke every day. That made

    me happy.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Have you ever met your favourite artist, Bird Thongchai?

    Aof: Yes. I used to wait for hours in front of Bird Thongchais recording studio, just to try and meet him. We took some pictures together when he came out.

    Aof: I dont really compete with anybody. I just set my own goals and try to do my best.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How about criticism?

    Aof: I like to read comments on the Internet. Sometimes negative comments make me feel stressed

    Did you know
    Aof plans to spend the next 18 months studying music overseas.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Heart to beat

    Aof was temporarily paralized??? How?? Scary! And sad about his near suicide! He is a talented singer~~ I love his new song Tum Arai Gun Dee Na so much~~

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    Re: Heart to beat

    Yay, finally saw something from one of my favourite singers. He's goooooood, really goooood~

    شá͡þ ش͡èҡ..
    ѡͧҡ ըҡͧ..

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