PAD rejects call for peace
By The Nation

The People's Alliance for Democracy has rejected a call for peace talks on the grounds that the current approach to forge reconciliation is inappropriate, its co-leader Pipop Thongchai said Tuesday.

"Negotiations are not a way of the turmoil because righteousness is irreconcilable to political evils," Pipop said.

He said the PAD will not participate in the academic conference organised by King Prajadhipok's Institute to jump start the talks on reconciliation.

If the PAD sees that negotiations can overcome the turmoil, then it would have been talking to rogue politicians a long time ago, he said.

The PAD remains firm on its dual objectives - opposing the rewrite of the 2007 Constitution and forcing the collapse of the government in order to bring about "new politics', he said.

He urged the academics to review their call for reconciliation by arguing that the political rifts will not end if the government were to allow to get away for inflicting violence and bloodshed on protesters.

PAD co-leader Chamlong Srimuang said it was deemed necessary for safety to close down roads surrounding the rally site inside Government House.

The PAD realised inconveniences caused to motorists but was obligated to provide safety to the crowds, he said.

PAD co-leader Somsak Kosaisuk voiced suspicion on the police's shooting death a PAD guard Somchai Sriprachan on October 23.

Although police claimed it was an extrajudicial killing during a drug raid, Somchai had no record in the illicit drug trade, Somsak said.

Young PAD leader Wasant Wanit said he will today petition the Army to take action against attempts to smear the monarchy. He said he plans to submit evidence on Web sites with offensive messages.

The PAD plans Thursday to stage a march from Wireless Road to Emporium Department Store on Sukhumvit Road in order to raise awareness on the October 7 violent crackdown.

It will stop to rally in front of the British Embassy to demand for the extradition of fugitive ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra from London to serve out his two-year jail term.