Two more 'PAD guards' arrested with weapons
By The Nation

Two more persons believed to be guards of the anti-government People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) were arrested yesterday for possessing weapons without permits. The arrests followed Sunday's arrest of two other persons, also believed to be PAD guards, for possessing three hand grenades and other weapons.

The first arrest yesterday was at 2am in front of Baan Phitsanulok, near Government House, which is occupied by the PAD.

Kiattisak Rakphu, 35, from Chumporn province was acting suspiciously while driving his taxi and was stopped by police. A handgun, a folding knife, steel pipe baton and nine PAD guard IDs were found hidden near his seat. Kiattisak had no permits to carry a gun and knife in a public area.

Soon after, another arrest took place around Benjama Bophit Temple near Government House. Kaveeyuth Boonkongklaew, 33, was found to have been illegally carrying weapons in public areas while driving his pickup truck with seven passengers. The weapons included a .38 handgun and bullets.

The night also heard explosions at Nang Leung injunction and in front of Rajvinit School. Nobody was injured or arrested, however.

The Rajvinit School cancelled all classes yesterday following the explosions.

In a related development, Chamlong Srimuang and Pipop Thongchai, co-leaders of the PAD, said Thanit Khanurai, 28, and Watana Kijpithaksin, 22, used to work as guards of the PAD but they were fired more than 10 days ago.

The two were arrested while on a motorcycle on Ratchasima Road in Dusit district on Sunday.

Chamlong said the chief of the PAD guards fired them after they were found to often use violence and carry guns. Chamlong said the two were warned several times to behave but they disobeyed so they were removed from duty. Chamlong said the PAD also had records of firing the two and could present the evidence to the police.

Police seized from them a bag with three M67 grenades, 22 ping-pong bombs, a home-made bomb, 4 shotgun ammunition, a samurai sword, and three slingshots.