Flowers yesterday, burning effigies today

Some 150 pro-Thaksin protesters rallied on Friday in front of UK Embassy in Bangkok, condemning the country for revoking Thaksin's visa.

Wearing red shirt, they burnt effigies of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Foreign Secretary of State David Miliband to show their anger after UK revoked visas of Thaksin and his wife; Khunying Pojaman.

About 150 police were deployed to provide security at the embassy.

The protesters showed banners which read, "Why the United Kingdom which is icon of democracy revoke Thaksins' visa?," and "Why the United Kingdom did not respect the UN Conventions."

They said Thaksin was a good leader, he set up village fund and supress narcotic. "We have faith in Thaksin. We fight for them because he received unfair treatment," he said.

UK Embassy in Bangkok seemed to be busy during this period after its government revoked visas of Thaksin and Pojaman while the couple were in Beijing.

On Thursday, a group of anti-government supporters; so-called "PAD Ladies," visited the embassy to thank you England for revoking Thaksin's visa. They also gave flowers and sweets to representatives of the embassy.

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