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Ice spices up his sound
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    Ice spices up his sound

    By Tatat Bunnag, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    Pop wonder Saranyu Winaipanit (Ice) is always full of surprises. Ice has recently diversified his talent by acting in dramas, DJ-ing on 94.0 FM and making albums for the Japanese market. He also found the time to make Together, the hit collaboration with Aof Pongsak and Peck Palitchoke.

    The 23-year-old singer recently released his third solo album, Ice With U. The album’s first single, “I See U,” is the kind of catchy, up-tempo dance song that Ice’s fans love. The track is even spiced up with a rap in Japanese, penned by Ice himself.

    Student Weekly recently met up with the popular pop sensation, a few days after the release of Ice With U. Ice told us about his new sound, his success in Japan and how he came to be known as the Prince of Smile.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What can your fans expect to hear on Ice With U?

    Ice: This album is different from my other records. My first two albums are packed with dance songs about unfulfilled relationships. On Ice With U, I sing about love in a more positive way. This album is also more grown-up and varied.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: When people think of your songs, they usually think of fun party music. Is that your what you aim for?

    Ice: There are so many problems in Thailand right now, but people still love to listen to sad songs. The charts are full of ballads about being miserable.

    I’d rather sing happy songs that cheer people up.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What was it like to both write songs for and co-produce Ice With U?

    Ice: It was pretty difficult because it was a new experience for me. I worked with the producer on this album from start to finish. I also wrote some of the tunes and rap parts.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What inspired you to write the song “Tisadee (Theory).”

    Ice: I composed it in a Broadway music style. I studied musical theatre at university for four years, but I’d never had a chance to use the skills that I learned. Writing that song was my first opportunity to do that.

    It’s a bitter-sweet song about love and heartbreak. It also features the beautiful voice of guest singer Rose Sirintip.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Can you tell us about the work you’ve been doing in Japan?

    Ice: I’ve been working on music in Japan for a while. Besides releasing albums there, I did some TV appearances and performances in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and a music festival in Fukuoka.

    I don’t have a huge fan base in Japan, but having songs on the charts there is an amazing experience.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you become known as the Prince of Smile in Japan?

    Ice: I’m not fluent in Japanese. When I couldn’t understand the questions during my press interviews there, I just kept smiling. After that, the press started calling me the Thai Prince of Smile. [Laughs.]

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What’s your secret for success?

    Ice: Work hard and make every day your best day. Use all your energy to pursue your dreams.

    • Did you know •
    Bangkok Dangerous star Poey Panward got her big break acting in the music video for Ice’s hit “KhonJai Ngai.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Ice spices up his sound

    Ice concept was actually show on thai TV on 21 Nov....

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