Black Vanilla
RS Music

Black Vanilla still look like a stylish and fashionable pop band on their new album, R2G. Their colourful outfits on the CD cover certainly stand out.

R2G is basically pop with some nice rock and disco elements mixed in to keep the music interesting. This album adds more electronic sounds into the mix, especially with the use of keyboards.

The first track, “Tob Duay Mouth (Slapped by a Mouth),” is a funny song that uses a variety of different sounds to make it more unusual. The amusing lyrics are sure to appeal to teen listeners. “Yoo Kon Deaw Mai Pen (Can’t Be Alone)” is a slow track with a nice, catchy melody.

Black Vanilla are a unique band that always deliver funny songs and ideas. The band will also appeal to female fans with their good looks. If you loved Black Vanilla’s previous albums, then you’re sure to enjoy this one. — VH

Source: Student Weekly