DAAD urged to keep away from PAD protesters if they lay siege to Parliament
By The Nation

Pro-government protesters were urged yesterday not to interfere with the People's Alliance for Democracy protesters who are planning to lay siege to Parliament today.

Veera Musigapong, host of the third mobile Truth Today show, urged members of the Democratic Alliance for Democracy or "the red shirt people" not to interfere with the PAD's rally when they move to besiege Parliament. "We will wait and see one day and decide our next move later,'' he said.

Chatuporn Prompan, a leader of government supporters and also a host of the third mobile Truth Today show at Wat Suan Kaew, said he was informed that there would be an arson attack at the Thai Khu Fah building either last night or tonight.

"I do not want to see that happen so I want to warn that burning down Thai Khu Fah is equal to burning down the country and the PAD themselves,'' he said.

The third mobile Truth Today kicked off with Wat Suan Kaew abbot Phra Payom Kallayano sitting on the stage to monitor the show to ensure there would be no mudslinging, no use of abusive and provocative language and no allegations.

The abbot said he would like to listen to humble speech rather than attacks. After one hour, the monk left the stage to monitor the talk show inside his monastery.

Leaders of the DAAD took turns at the stage from Manit Chitchanklab, Jakrapob Penkair, Adisorn Piangket, and Pongthep Thepkanchana.

Adisorn said if the House was dissolved today, there would be no difference because the Constitution would be changed. "Whoever wins the election would be ousted by dictatorial rules,'' he said.

Pongthep said the Senators who stirred up problems were mostly from the group of 40 Senators. There is a need to amend the Constitution because the highest law makes it tough for judges to be neutral and the Constitution believes in permanent officials more than politicians, which is not in line with democratic system since politicians are elected by the people, he said.

He proposed that judges clean up their own acts, especially those involved in cases against former election commissioners.

Jakrapob revealed that the visa cancellation of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his wife by the United Kingdom was sought by a former Thai foreign minister who promised to protect the interest of the UK in Phuket in exchange for the visa revocation in order to humiliate Thaksin.

Chaturon said the PAD had violated Buddhist precepts because its leaders provoked their followers to fight instead of resorting to a peaceful struggle. "They told their people to bring arms and move to seize Parliament. They could go in and kill MPs and senators,'' he said.

He blamed some academics who had sided with the PAD by speaking in support of their movement even though they have broken the law.

Phra Payom invited the PAD to organise their rally in his temple, also adding he was not biased. He urged participants of the show to use moral sense and judgement to end political wrangling.

Over 1,000 police were deployed to keep security at the temple.