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"jai chan bpen kong ter" by Boy Peacemaker.
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    "jai chan bpen kong ter" by Boy Peacemaker.

    Would like to share this beautiful song from the lakorn "jai rao" starring Theeradej Wongpuapan (Ken) and Takasorn Paksukjareon (Aff).

    Currently it is the number one hit song on Hotwave Top 20.

    [ame=""]YouTube - €žล‡ƒˆ‰ั™€›‡™‚อ‡ €˜อ karaoke[/ame]

    "jai chan bpen kong ter"
    My heart belongs to you.


    Boy Peacemaker

    ѹ ⪤е
    chan mai roo waa bpen pror krai chohk cha dtaa bpen jai
    I don't know it's because of who, a conspiracy of fate,

    ÷Ҩҡ ѡѹҡ
    reu a-rai tam hai ter laa jaak kon tee rak gan maak maai
    or something else that made you leave. People who loves each other so much,

    ͧҡѹ ѹ礹зҧ
    dtong praak gan bpai glai chan gor kon ja ton yaang rai wai
    having to be seperated far apart. I'm also human, how am I to endure that?

    * ѹзҧ ͹ѹТҴ
    chan mai roo ja tam yaang rai meuan jai man ja kaat
    I don't know what to do. It's like my heart is going to be ripped off.

    Եѹҧҧ ѧǧ价ءҧ
    chee-wit man doo aang-waang wang-weng bpai took yaang
    Life seems so empty, everything is so desolate;

    ͹Ǵ Ѻѧ
    meuan kon tee dieow daai jom yoo gap kwaam lang
    I'm like a lonesome person sunk in the past.

    ҡѹ лǴҡ§˹
    yaak hai roo chan sia jai lae bpuat raao maak piang nai
    Want to let you know how sad and broken hearted I am.

    ** 㨢ͧѹѹ繢ͧ ҹҹ
    jai kong chan man bpen kong ter mai waa naan tao-rai
    My heart belongs to you, no matter how long,

    lae man ja bpen kong ter dta-lot bpai
    and it will always be yours.

    㨢ͧѹѹ繢ͧ Ƿ
    jai kong chan man bpen kong ter kon dieow tang jai
    My heart belongs entirely to you only.

    ja ror ter rak ter jon dtaai .. jai oie
    I'll wait for you, love you till I die, oh my heart.

    ѹ˵ؼ Ңҧ
    chan mai roo waa het pon dai faa kaang bon jong jai
    I don't know what's the reason. Heaven above's intention,

    ÷šѹ ѹ˴¨Թ
    reu waa krai tam hai rao glai gan man hoht raai jon gern bpai
    or someone else made us be far apart. That's exceedingly cruel.

    ѹ ҧѹ
    chan mai koie dtriam jai tee ja sia ter bpai yaang wan nee
    I was never prepared to lose you like this today.

    ( *, **)

    ( **)
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