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Thai Movies: ลูกอีสาน A Child of the Northeast
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    ลูกอีสาน A Child of the Northeast

    This movie is based on an award-winning novel. A description of the book as given by dcothai is below.

    A Child of the Northeast is a novel about a year in the life of a village in Northeast Thailand during the 1930's. It is also a tale about a world scarcely known in the West: the world of "Isan", which is what the natives call their corner of Thailand.

    Kampoon Boontawee based this award-winning novel on memories of his own childhood in Isan during the depths of the Depression. The loving, courageous family at the center of the novel include a boy named Koon, who is about eight years old; his sisters Yee-soon, five, and Boonlai, two; and their parents, whose names we never learn. They are simply "Koon's mother" and "Koon's father", even by their friends and family.

    Kampoon also introduces his readers to a wider, equally unforgettable family: the relatives and neighbors who live in Koon's village. It is their bravery, their goodness of heart, and above all, their indestructible, earthy sense of humor, that shape the boy Koon's perception of the world, and his purpose in it.
    The movie is uploaded to youtube in 25 installments. As it is in Isaan language with English subtitles, it is a great way to hear the kind of conversational Isaan that you are likely to hear in the rural villages of Northeast Thailand. A link to the beginning of the movie follows.


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    Re: ลูกอีสาน A Child of the Northeast

    I would appreciate it very much if someone would tell me where to get my hands on this VCD/DVD ?

    จุดแรกคือการพบ จุดจบคือการจาก..
    มีรักต้องพราก มีจากต้องมีเจอ..

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