The title of the ten-minute video linked below is ວິທີເຮົດແກົສທຳມະຊາດ which would correspond to a Thai title Ըҵ meaning [method+making+gas+natural]. The word 'biogas' spoken many times throughout the program is ແກົສຊີວະພາບ which is ʪҾ in Thai (pronunciation of 'ch chaang' in Thai corresponds to 's saang' in Lao).

Those people used to listening to spoken Thai will be able to recognize many words and follow reasonably well. The name of this village is ບ້ານດົງໝາກຄາຍ which is written on the bottom line of the village sign shown. ດົງ means forest and ໝາກຄາຍ is some kind of tree. The beginning, after a 30 second intro, talks about the village involved in this pilot project, located about 13 km from the capital, having 3 (large) buildings and sixteen families, whose residents do rice farming, trade, raise animals, and grow crops.
ເຮົດນາ ຄ້າຂາຍ ລ້ຽງສັດ ປູກຝັງ
Thai equivalents are
ӹ Ң §ѵ ١ѧ

I think this is a good video both for listening practice in Lao and for the content. These kinds of development efforts that allow for local control and do not adversely affect the local environment are generally much better than the megaprojects which are designed to benefit gigantic corporations and their political cronies.