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Stamp makes his mark
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    Stamp makes his mark

    By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

    After three years of training with prominent producer Boyd Kosiyabong, 7th Scene vocalist Apiwat Uaethavornsuk (Stamp), 26, has emerged as a successful songwriter.

    Stamp's songs first made a big impact last year when he won the Season Award for "Nam Taa (Tear)," a song that he composed for veteran pop prince Bird Thongchai.

    More recently, Stamp's soundtrack for the movie 4 Romance was a huge hit. Stamp also topped the charts with "Kwam Kid (Thought)" and "Thidsadee See Chompoo (Pink Theory)," both taken from his solo EP, Million Ways to Write.

    Student Weekly recently had caught up with Stamp for a chat. He enthusiastically told us about his songwriting and the making of his first solo release.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: How did Boyd teach you to write songs?

    Stamp: I asked Boyd if he could write some lyrics for a melody that I had composed, and he told me that I should try to write them myself.

    Boyd usually writes lyrics in the studio while he's recording, so he got me to do the same thing. Boyd taught me how to write quickly.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Where do you get ideas for your lyrics?

    Stamp: Ideas can come from anything that has an impact on my feelings - conversations, books, articles, movies or songs. The song "Kon Bot Phen Ja Mod Kwam Mai [Before Songs Mean Nothing]" came from conversations with Boyd about the state of the music business. It's about the music industry collapsing and no more new songs being released.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What was the inspiration behind the award-wining song "Tear"?

    Stamp: My friend Golf from the duo Singha Neua Suea Tai gave me the idea. He said that Bird Thongchai had a hit song in the past called "Thoe Puu Mai Pae (Never Give Up)," which encouraged people to not quit trying. Golf suggested that Bird could also sing something for people who don't succeed.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you think that it's OK for guys to cry?

    Stamp: Absolutely. It's natural for men to cry. Crying is a good way to release pressure and ease stress.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Where did the idea for your song "Thought" come from?

    Stamp: I was thinking about a place where I used to spend time with a girl. The lyrics are things that I wanted to tell her. It was a painful song to record.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: Is there a difference between writing songs for yourself and writing for other people?

    Stamp: Writing for myself is more difficult because it's hard to pinpoint my own feelings - they change from day to day. When I write for other artists, I can write the lyrics that fit them. For example, the songs I wrote for the 4 Romance band, August, used lyrics that teens can easily relate to.

    STUDENT WEEKLY: What can listeners expect from your new EP?

    Stamp: The songs on the EP are beautiful. I wrote numerous songs for the project, then picked the best ones for the CD. I didn't give them to any other artists. Even if I never got to release another CD, I know that I've done my very best with Million Ways to Write.

    Did you know
    Stamp and Cutto Lipta are both DJ on the FM93.5 radio programme 2Talk every Saturday.

    Source: Student Weekly

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    Re: Stamp makes his mark

    he is pretty talented.
    saw 7th Scene performed once and he smiled the whole thing through.
    very bright and warming for a fan to see and hear.
    gooo Stamp!

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