So I looked and searched but I didn't see this song done already anywhere on the forums here? So I'm sorry if someone's translated it already! But I gotta catch up translating all the untranslated So Cool singles!! 555+

"Kor Chai Kam Waa Faen Gon" by So Cool

͹ ͺѡ Όͧ
This friend that once had a crush on you has now become your boyfriend
I keep thinking, and I always realize that you've been giving more than anyone
¢ ͺ͡ѡ Фӹѹ˭
I never asked for you to tell me you love me, because that's such a powerful word
The word "boyfriend" that you should use makes me more than happy enough

* ¤Դ ˹Ό
A person who's humble would never think ahead, however good it is that I can be your boyfriend
ѹͺ͡ѡ ѹѡ
But today, when you told me you loved me, I was a little unsure

** 觺͡ѡ ä͹ӹ
Don't tell me you love me yet, hold off a bit before that word
Ό͹ ͹ҡΌдա
I'd like you to use the word "boyfriend" first, right now, to start from boyfriend-girlfriend would be better
ѡ ҡѹ ͨ
It's not that I don't love you, but if I'm not ready, I'd be afraid you'd be sad
ҡͧѹ͹ ͹͡ѡѹ
I want you to try dating me first, before saying "I love you"

ѡѹ Ӥѭ
The word love that you gave me, helps to increase the importance
ҩѹҤԴ ѹѧҨ
But I'm not brave enough to think that because it might be moving too fast
Դءѹҧ Ѻ繺ح
To be able to be near you ever day like this, how lucky I consider myself
мԴ ѹ ͷ˹ҷΌ
Would it be wrong if today I asked to act like your boyfriend?

( *, **)

ѹͨмԴѧ ѡҹ
My heart is scared that you'll be disappointed, the word love that you've been giving
Ҩ ҧͽѹ
I might not look after you like how you dreamed
ǩѹ鹷 纪
I'm afraid I'll hurt you and cause you pain

( **)

ҡТΌ͹ Ǥѡѹ
I want you to use the word "boyfriend" first, and gradually "I love you"