By Tatat Bunnag, Photos courtesy of Genie Records

Reigning rockers return

From left: Oak, Aof, Kobg, Moo, and Dax

Thailand's reigning rock kings Big Ass are back with their highly anticipated new album, Love, out on Genie Records. The band's sixth studio album delivers the goods with hard-hitting hooks and catchy choruses.

The five members of Big Ass, 33-year-old singer Ekkarat Wongcharat (Dax), 34-year-old guitarist Apichart Promraksa (Moo), 34-year-old guitarist Poonsak Jatoorabun (Aof), 33-year-old bassist Pongpan Pollasit (Oak) and 33-year-old drummer Kajorndej Promraksa (Kob), have been rocking the kingdom for more than a decade and consistently producing popular hits.

Love is full of the bouncy guitar riffs, powerful ballads and straightforward lyrics that Big Ass fans have come to love. Album singles, Song-Tai Khon-Gao, Torn-Rab Khon-Mai (Farewell Old Lover, Welcome New Lover) and Foon (Dust) have already hit big.

Student Weekly recently visited Genie Records for a chat with the rockers about their new album, their latest video and the friendship that holds them together.

STUDENT WEEKLY: One of your new songs is called, Rak [Love], is the album named after that track?

DAX: Love is the theme of entire album. Our band has managed to stay together for this long because of love and friendship.

OAK: Every song relates to the same theme in different ways.

MOO: Bad things were happening in Thailand when we made this record. So many people are divided into two sides now. We need more love in our country.

STUDENT WEEKLY: The new record has more pop elements than your previous releases. Was that done intentionally?

DAX: We added more melody to the songs, but the rhythms are still tough and rocking. It's harder to write a song that's both rocking and catchy than it is to just play aggressive hardcore songs.

STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you come up with the idea to use the khlui [Thai flute] on the song, Love?

MOO: That song is about bringing harmony back to Thai people, so the khlui represents Thailand. I played it myself, and it fits perfectly with the song.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you agree with your fans that Farewell Old Lover, Welcome New Lover is the perfect party song?

DAX: Yeah, I want people to party when they hear that song. You don't have to only celebrate the good things. You can celebrate the bad things that happen, too.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Dax, it was quite surprising to see you cry in the video for your new single, Dust. Can you tell us about that?

DAX: I wasn't acting; it just came out naturally. It was pretty embarrassing! [Laughs.] The atmosphere when we were shooting the video really reflected the spirit of the song and the story behind it.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Kob, is it true that last year you passed out on stage during a show?

KOB: Yes. I have a weak heart, and at that time we were playing almost every night without getting enough rest.

DAX: Yeah, a few songs into our set, he just suddenly stopped playing and fainted.

KOB: I feel much better these days. I make sure that I get plenty of rest before playing a show. It also helps that people aren't allowed to smoke in pubs and bars anymore.

STUDENT WEEKLY: How have you guys maintained your popularity for 16 years?

AOF: Each one of us knows our own strengths, so we work well together as a team.

KOB: We have a lot of patience with each other. We're great friends.

• Did you know •
Kob is a talented songwriter who has penned hit singles for groups like Ebola and Bodyslam.

Source: Student Weekly

Watch the MV Foon here.