By Suwitcha Chaiyong, Photos by Varuth Hirunyatheb

Gorgeous girl group grows up

From Left: Nannie, Belle, Gybzy and Giftza

Girly Berry's sexy image has caused plenty of controversy over the years. Some conservative folks might not like them, but the four girls Wanida Termthanaporn (Gybzy), 25, Piya Pongkullapa (Giftza), 24, Mananya Limsatien (Belle), 24, and Pattaranan Deeratsamee (Nannie), 23 have earned enough fans to make them one of the leading girl groups in the kingdom.

Girly Berry recently returned to the stage with their mesmerising dance routines to promote their new album, Stop Me Babe. The album features covers of hit ballads that have been transformed into upbeat dance tunes.

Student Weekly recently caught up with Girly Berry at the RS music office. The girls told us about the ups and downs of life in the spotlight.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Do you ever respond to the criticism of you that's on the Internet?

BELLE: No. Criticism used to upset us when we were younger, but we've grown up. We realise that even if there's a nice story about a wedding or something, people will write negative comments just to satisfy themselves.

GYBZY: Our fans fight back for us. Besides, people's opinions never last, and comments always fade fast.

STUDENT WEEKLY: How did you react to criticism when you were starting out?

GYBZY: I couldn't take it, and I cried. I knew that we hadn't done anything bad, but people cursed at us and said hateful things. Some people even condemned our parents.

BELLE: It was heartbreaking. We had to console one another and agree to stop reading comments on the Internet. But now we're much better at dealing with it.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Have you ever been injured during a live performance?

GYBZY: Often. My foot once fell into a hole onstage and got stuck. I had to sit down until our crew helped me out!

BELLE: Our performances include lots of dance routines, and our positions always change. Some stages don't have wireless microphones, and it's easy to trip over the wires. We also have to wear tight shoes, otherwise they can fly off into the audience!

STUDENT WEEKLY: Has anything ever forced you to stop a performance?

NANNIE: Only a power blackout or a bomb. At one performance in the countryside, the security didn't check the audience properly. People brought weapons to the gig. They started fighting, and somebody threw a bomb. We had to stop the show that time!

STUDENT WEEKLY: Have you ever attracted crazy fans with your sexy image?

GIFTZA: Sometimes people try to take photos looking up our skirts. We always warn them not to. If they keep doing it, we get our guards to take them away.

STUDENT WEEKLY: How do you feel about the paparazzi?

GYBZY: They're really annoying. Most of the pictures used in tabloids come from amateur photographers because tabloids offer money for candid photos. Bad pictures can damage your reputation.

STUDENT WEEKLY: Are any of you interested in politics?

GYBZY: I study political science, so I keep up to date with political news. The current situation is a non-stop dilemma.

NANNIE: I recently subscribed to an SMS news service. There are some interesting issues to think about at the moment.

GIFTZA: I like watching political films, like Blood Diamond, The Interpreter and Charlie Wilson's War.

STUDENT WEEKLY: What's the main goal for Girly Berry?

GIFTZA: To satisfy our fans as much as we can. We always try to attract new people to listen to our music.

GYBZY: If we make people happy and have an audience that appreciates our work, then we consider that to be success.

Did you know
Gybzy is currently working on a horror movie called Nang Mai, directed by Pen-Ek Ratanaruang.

Source: Student Weekly