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    surached Guest
    ʴҤͧͧ§ѹ ҷӧҹͧسͧ§ к

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    Rogerine Guest


    Hello! My name is Rogerine. Sabai dee mai. ( I am probably as old as your mom), but anyway I have just started learning Thai not too long ago. I want and hope to learn how to write, read, and speak in Thai. I have been going to the forum and I am already enjoying the writing skill. I think the writing script is very creative and artistic. But I think this writing will take me a long time to learn. Anyway, I understand you are learning English. So, how are you doing with your English? Have you been studying English for a while now? What made you want to study English? As for me, about my wanting to learn Thai is because I want to have Thai friends and I do believe that to do this I would need to learn your language.
    I hope that my writing to you would help you more in learning English. Keep studying and reach for the stars. Someday you will be where you want to be.

    Chok dee,


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    surached Guest
    ʴդѺ س RONINE ¹ͼԴѹ Թը͹ سԹշ¹Ѻ (ͺ¹)

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    surached Guest
    ֧ سrogerrine չҤ¹ͤس١

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    surached Guest
    ʴ Ҫ ͹͹ ҡ͹ѡ »֡ ͤͧҧ ˧ҡҤ¡ѺҺҧ͹

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    kwanrutai Guest
    I wanna lern English . I can write English a little bit . Rogerine I hope u can teach me about English. I want to know another word. .Sorry if I write false. Bye

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    surached Guest


    ʴ Ҫ ͹͹ ҡ͹ѡ »֡ ͤͧҧ ˧ҡҤ¡ѺҺҧ͹

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    surached Guest



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